Friday, April 24, 2009

Breakfast With The Folks Of St. Mary In The Mountains Episcopal Church in Sonora,California

Sunday, April 19th, the Lovely Mona and I visited St. Mary In The Mountains Episcopal Church in Sonora, California. St. Mary's is made up of former members of St. James, Sonora and St. Michael's and All Angels, Sonora. They are rebuilding the Episcopal Church in Sonora just as so many folks in the Diocese of San Joaquin continue to rebuild their diocese. They meet in the Senior Citizen Center and the room was full, which is a good sign, especially on Low Sunday! After the service we went to breakfast with several members of the congregation. Here are a few photos:

Padre Mickey and Allan Egleston in conversation

Carolyn Woodall and Father Martin Risard. Carolyn was the musician for the service.

Father Stan Coppel and Carolyn Woodall

Allan's nose and glasses, Padre Mickey, Un-identified Server, David Risard, Father Stan, Carolyn's profile.

The Lovely Mona and I are now off to lunch with Tengrain of Mock Paper Scissors fame.


Grandmère Mimi said...

All y'all do is eat.

Seriously, (Really. I'm straightening my face.) very nice pictures of very nice people. I'm pleased that the process of rebuilding is going well in Sonora.

You look cold, but I see that you're not wearing your sweater.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

While you´re frolicing abroad your work has received International recognition (somebody has to help carry your message)!

Jane R said...

Where'd you get the groovy clericals?

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