Friday, April 03, 2009

Friday Red Mr. Peanut Bank and Gallito Mescalito Blogging

Well, we're headed into Semana Santa, and things are getting very busy!
Tonight's episode es en un estilo muy Panameño. And it may be somewhat familiar. . .

Clack-clack Clack-clack Clack-clack Clack-clack Clack-clack

What's that sound?

CLACK-clack CLACK-clack CLACK-clack CLACK-clack CLACK-clack CLACK-clack

¿Shriek? ¿SHRIIEEK?




Leonardo Ricardo said...

I love a parade...clack, clack, clack...I´m hiding all next week...the entire World as we know it arrives and I like me little village processions better than the mega clack,clack,clacks!

Anonymous said...

I keep looking at your ¨Visitor loctions map¨ appears that I am gaining weight and your blog means nothing to anybody in Columbia (of and size) however you do regain rojo puffing again in Venezuela...btw, do you like Cesar? I do (don´t tell anybody but when he called Bush ¨el diablo¨ (¿sucio?) I voted HIM in as President for cookie, real person, helps poor people and knows a lightweight fraud when he sees one.

Red Robin

David |Dah • veed| said...

César?! César?! Do you mean that idiot Hugo?!

César Chávez was Estadounidense.

Hugo Chávez is the idiot who runs Venezuela. Not an authentic bone in his body. He tricks the poor to buy their votes. He should know a light weight fraud when he sees one. One daily looks back at him from his bathroom mirror.

Padre Mickey said...

i likes everybody named Chávez. I likes people named David, también.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

GOOD LORD! Yes, I meant Hugo...Cesar Chávez is a SAINT...and it appears that our Dahveed has successfully dodged all those gangland bullets up thar in Old Mexico...Ole´...May God continue to keep you safe with fast footwork and sunglasses.

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