Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Red Mr. Peanut Bank and Gallito Mescalito Blogging, Kinda. . .

Red Mr. Peanut Bank Well, here we are, standing about in this Bistro.
Gallito Mescalito ¡Shriek!
Miss Egyptian Hippo of Love For whom, exactly, are we waiting?
Red Mr. Peanut Bank Well, Padre and the Lovely Mona asked us to wait for someone named after bread or something: Mr. Sourdough, Mr. Rye with Dill, Mr. Multigrain, something like that. Wait! I remember now, it's Tengrain!
Miss Egyptian Hippo of Love One of their blogging friends, I assume?
Red Mr. Peanut Bank Yes, he has the ever-popular Mock Paper Scissors blog.
Gallito Mescalito ¿Shriek? ¡Shriek!
Miss Egyptian Hippo of Love I think you're right, Gallito Mescalito; Padre and the Lovely Mona are talking to that guy. Ooh! He seems like a really nice guy!

Tengrain Well, what have we here? What a pretty blue hippopotamus!
Miss Egyptian Hippo of Love Thank you! You're not too bad yourself!
Tengrain And look! A bank and a bird! You don't see things like this standing about on tables in San José every day!
Red Mr. Peanut Bank It's very nice to meet you, sir; Padre really enjoys your blog. He was talking about it in between going on about how everything around here has changed.
Gallito Mescalito ¡Shriek!

Later, After Lunch. . .

Tengrain You know, Padre, they're all much larger than I expected!
Padre Mickey Everybody says that. Man, those catfish po boys sure were good! I feel as if we were honoring Grandmère Mimi by eating that kinda stuff!
Miss Egyptian Hippo of Love Quit dominating the conversation, Padre! Mr. Tengrain, did you know that Padre used to play in bands around this neighborhood?
Red Mr. Peanut Bank Yes! Padre and the Lovely Mona have been going on and on about how the neighborhood has changed, and how sad Leonardo Ricardo will be to learn that Original Joe's is no longer there.
Tengrain Yes, Padre told me all about his Terrible Rock 'n' Roll Past. That gives me an idea for my Friday afternoon post
The Lovely Mona, behind the camera Will you guys quit yakking and smile for the camera, please?
Padre Mickey Say "cheese!"
Gallito Mescalito ¡Shriek!

Thanks to the Poor House Bistro for a wonderful lunch and for not throwing us out when the toys appeared.


FranIAm said...

STFU! You met Tengrain!!!

I hold myself responsible for this. And I am duly jealous indeed. Not that you got to meet Tengrain... having met him, I already know how delightful that is.

But he met Padre and Mona and Gallito (shreik!) and Mr Peanut... Wahhhhhhh!!!

I want to be there!!!

FranIAm said...

I am still taking all this in.

This isn't photoshopped, is it???

Paul said...

How very, very cool! Wishing I could have been there too. Keep having fun, y'all!

Grandmère Mimi said...

Tengrain and Padre, I am honored that y'all had po-boys in honor of little me. Shreik!

Pablito should talk. You haven't seen anything like the looks on the faces of the staff and other patrons of the Palace Café when he gave his daughter Maggie a drink of his Sazerac. Scroll down, and you will see picture proof at the link. I'm not even sure Maggie is of age to drink.

We're an odd and crazy bunch, I tell ya. Shreik!

Jane R said...

And then there was the meeting between Padre and the Mysterious Stranger in a Fedora, aka moi, with several of the gang in the mountains of Western NC last fall at the Indian/Austrian restaurant...

That was where Fuzzy Southern Mountain Moose made her first public appearance.

Looks like Tengrain and Miss Egyptian Hippo of Love are developing a beautiful friendship.

Word verification: ballmus.

Paul said...

Well, Mimi, I'm fairly sure Maggie is old enough to drink and in any case she wasn't driving. Thanks to the streetcar, neither were you and I for a while at least. Anatole and Minerva joined me at work yesterday - lots of folks know I'm crazy. (But not boring!)

Leonardo Ricardo said...

WHAT? COMMIE REPUBLICAN GREEDSTER PIGS HAVE TORN DOWN ORIGINAL JOES (First and San Carlos?) or did all those ancient old waiters in tux´s die off and the cooks drank themselves to death?...I swear, I´ll never be the same...Original Joes (not the one in San Francisco/Tenderloin which was sold off years ago and stinks/lousy food) in San Jose was the VERY BEST straight forward Italian/beyond restaurant in the whole Mundo...I could tell you stories about my Original Joe´s dining experiences as a young hedonist that would make your hair, if you had hair, stand on end! Original Joes was open (I don´t think it ever closed and had delicious breakfasts too) lots of hours and it had location, location and location...not to mention Joes Special and the dark bar in the back for those of us who were once under 21 and drank like we were in our 50´s! I´m sick with sadness, really, I´m outgrowing life itself and Bea Arthur died today too (while Pete Akinola and Hank Orombi jabber worthless junktalk on and on some of the finer things are disappearing around us)!

I must go rest and dream the dreams of food at Original Joes...I think I´ll start with my favorite thickly cut Prime Rib Roast Beef Sandwhich, on Crustybread...and those thick, heaven fries!

Be watchful for false substitues dressed in Spiniche and Mushrooms!

Grandmère Mimi said...

Paul, I'll allow that you're not boring, love. Crazy maybe, but not boring.

+Maya and Jane said...

We love crazy people.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

AND...what about the Hi-Life (over by the railroadtracks and Food Machinery Company? (The Hart´s Department Store Warehouse was there too and part of my duties required me to check/troubleshoot the ¨lines¨ for incoming merchandise my departments once a week)...oh but the Hi-Life had the very best butter/garlic/chive dressing for baked potatoes in the World and the BBQ sauce and salad dressing (Blue Cheese) were heaven too...the grilled steaks were so good too and it was CHEAP!

Caminante said...

You met Tengrain?????????


Tengrain said...


It was my favorite lunch of 2009, too. I think if you, Padre Mickey & Mona, were to come back home to San Jose, we could get into a lot of trouble together. Providing of course that Miss Egyptian Hippo of Love would allow it. Hippos are very possessive that way.

FYI, Henry's Hi-Life is still there serving cheap drinks across the street from the Al-Anon club, and the waiters at Original Joe's are still Tuxedoed and I think immortal. I chose the PHB because they have a nice patio and sometimes live music (if the weather is good, and if the School of Blues is having a final you can get a day of it) -- knowing how important these things are to civilized people. Oh, they also have outstanding beer on tap.



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