Sunday, October 21, 2007

¡Felicidades, Yarany y Nelsito!

Today we participated in the wedding of Yarany Espinosa and Nelson Edwards. The Rt. Rev. Victor Scantleberry, Assistant Bishop of the Diocese of Chicago and former Assistant Bishop of the Diocese of Panamá presided, assisted by the Rev. Nelson Edwards. Reverenda Glenda McQueen and I helped at Communion. Yarany is a member of Parroqia San Cristóbal, and Nelsito's father is a good friend and colleague of mine. Padre Edwards is the priest-in-charge at San Albano in Paraíso; the Lovely Mona and I lived in San Albano's rectory for our first five years in Panamá. Nelsito has been the director of Campamento Intermedio every year that I have participated, and I really got to know Yarany at camp, too. The Lovely Mona and I are so happy that Yarany and Nelsito have tied the knot; they are a lovely couple. It was great fun to see so many people from our old neighborhood in Paraíso, too! Weddings are a lot of fun. Won't it be great when we can finally do this for everyone who wants to be married?

So here are the photos:

Bishop Scantleberry preaching

Communion: Where ever there is an altar, Padre Mickey will find a way to assist.

Communion: Revdo. Nelson Edwards, father of the groom

Just Married!

The Blushing Bride

The Happy Couple


Juanuchis said...

What a beautiful couple!

Forget Colombia - David & I must come to Panama one day!

susan s. said...

So, did Bishop Scantleberry tell one of his famous bad jokes? It looks like a lovely wedding.

Matty Boy said...

Congratulations all around.

I See You!

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