Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday Night Miss Bebé, The World's Most Beautiful Granchile™ Blogging

Once again, the parents of Miss Bebé, the World's Most Beautiful Granchile™, obsessing with their computers or, perhaps, indulging their tastes for anime marathons, have been negligent and left a Time Machine lying about when a baby could find it, and, once again, our Most Darling granchile finds herself in the disease-ridden sixteenth century (or thereabouts).

Here I am, once again, in the filthy, disease-ridden, spirit-infested, sixteenth century or there abouts. What shall I do? For I am all alone.

Perhaps I can find some thing forbidden to put in my mouth, as I seem to have left my pacifier back in twenty-first century Berkeley, as well as my striped shirt, denim overalls and corduroy hat.

Ah, this is either the Mystical Lamp of Wolfrath the Lost, or the Electric Bug-zapper of Abuelo el Sacerdote de Panama. Or maybe just some nasty ol' thang. I wonder if I can put it in my mouth? Wait! What is that noise I hear?

Aha! Condescending Pirate Troubadours! I shall puncture his drum and stop this racket!

Hmmm, this drum is stronger than I expected. Could it be the demon-drum of Bonham? I MUST PUNCTURE IT!

I think that the wicked pirate or that condescending wench have placed the Protective Puncture-proof Purificator of the Prickly Percussionist! I MUST FLEE!!!

Hey, who da heck is you? Is that a magiky thing? Gibita me! GIBITA ME RIGHT NOW!! It will help me in my quest.

What happened? Now I have a sword and must continue my quest to return to Berkeley and my pacifier; I am experiencing separation anxiety!

Aha! The Wondrous Well of the Well Traveled Wizard of Windymucca! I must pierce it with my mighty, wooden sword.

Ima tink iffa I do dis rite, I'm gonna git home!

Now if I find the right stone and stab it, I tink I will be free of dis place. Is it dat one? No; maybe it's dis one.

Who are you, a giant? Waddya want wit me?

I gots a sword and I knows how ta use it!

Let me down, wicked giant! Imma gonna poke yer eye out!!

Weird, rainbow faerie I hab saybed yoo fum dat big guy widda bad hat.
Miss Bebé What da heck is goin' on? I wanna go home an get my pacifier!
Weird, rainbow faerie Yoo mus twabel fah in dat wei, an mebe yoo git inna yer howse.
Miss Bebé Dat way? You sure?

Miss Bebé Hey! Is dat a mystical fake ivy ting what helps you travel fru time-a-space? Gibita me. GIBITA ME RIGHT NOW!

Whoa! Where'd she go? I think she turned inna sheet! And you back? You're dat kid from last time I was inna sixteenth century. Ya know, dis is gettin' silly. Maybe I'll clap my hands or feet or something. claps hands No plaisa home. No plaisa home.

Wow! Look at all that asphalt! I must be back home in Berkeley!!! Now if I holler loud enough my mommydaddy will come get me and I'll be reunited wit my pacifier!!!


Judith said...

What a BEAUTIFUL little girl! I am so jealous! Where are my grandbabies! I wish my kids would get married (though they seem to think that's optional) and produce a few!

Grendel said...

This is the cutest baby I have ever seen. I want to give her special dog kisses right now. I promise I would be nice.

Matty Boy said...

Still with the baby knuckle dimples and so Matty Boy casts his vote for...


I has spoken.

Matty Boy said...

Also, I just Googled "Gibita Me!" and Google Loves You, Padre Mickey! If you are not the originator of "Gibita Me!", you are at the very least the #1 purveyor on the 'Net.

Padre Mickey said...

Hmmm, Perhaps I should write it: Gibita Me!©

Grandmère Mimi said...

Padre Mickey, there's another career waiting for you if you get tired of being a preacher man.

I love "Gibita me". You should copyright the phrase. And Bébé is the most beautiful little girl.

Your Friday night toy story is excellent, too. If I were a publisher, I'd give you my card and say, "Call me".

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