Monday, October 08, 2007

Last Night At Parroquia Episcopal San Cristóbal Part 1

September was the Month of the Bible here in Panamá, and I led Bible studies with the Youth of the Parish on Friday nights. The members of Luz de Mañana (the parish youth group) decided to celebrate the end of the month of the Bible with a Talent Show for Christ (they picked the name) and we held the program last night.

We had a great time. Luz de Mañana planned the entire program and did a wonderful job. There was music, dramas, dancing, and even a "Bible Olympics" in which the congregation answered Bible questions. Our Choir and El Gran Combo de San Cristóbal did a few numbers, too. And, as always, the church was filled with a mix of all generations.

Here are some photos:

Dinner before the program

The McQueen girls at the door

A skit about responsibility

Clarissa singing (with some kids peeking in the background)

El Coro de Jovenes, directed by the Lovely Mona


Juan sings a solo

Just before his second number, Juan invited El Gran Combo to come back him up on Somos Pueblo de Dios, a song the kids love. They jumped up and surrounded us, dancing and singing along!

Ricky, Bernie, Walter Smith, Mrs. Moore, and Mrs. Doyle in the front row

Bible Olympics! In this part of the Bible Olympics the young people have the names of books of the Bible and have to line up in order and give the theme of the book.

The second skit: The Island of Feeliings

Ricky Staple (he is providing percussion for a young man who is rapping.

The Rapper

El Gran Combo de San Cristóbal
Bernie Murray

The Rhythm section

A group of youth from several churches decided to get up and do a little song and dance! I remember them doing this number at Vacation Bible School. This bunch were the teachers for VBS this year.


David Austin Allen said...

Padre is this the song the kids like?

Somos el pueblo de Dios
Somos un pueblo especial
Llamados para anunciar las virtudes de Aquel
Que nos llamo a su luz

Somos el pueblo de Dios
Su sangre nos redimió
Y su espíritu dio para darnos poder
Y ser testigos de El

Y llevaremos su gloria a cada pueblo y nación
Trayéndoles esperanza y nuevas de salvación
Y su amor nos impulsa
No nos podemos callar
Anunciaremos al mundo de su amor y verdad

We sing it a lot as well.

Padre Mickey said...

Yes sir, David! That's the one!

I See You!

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