Wednesday, October 03, 2007

On Her Way Home

Well, Caminante's time in Panamá has come to an end and she is winging her way home to Vermont.
I hope she doesn't have too long of a layover in Atlanta!
She'll be home tonight and should be blogging again tomorrow.
The Lovely Mona and I had a great time meeting her and spending time with her, and we look forward to her posts about her time here. She received the Chompy Seal of Approval®, which means Chompy sat on Caminante's feet.


Juan Carlos said...

Bye Bye pretty Caminante, come back soon and it was great to see you almost in person...we of the Global Center salute thee!

Three CHEERS for Caminante!

Hip Hip Horray
Hip Hip Horray
Hip Hip Horray

Caminante said...

I is home... and have put up a photo of the Panama Canal (actually of me as proof I was there). Didn't fly home in a 747 but in one of those regional jet tin cans, cigar jet things they have.

Such accolades! I am most honoured!

I See You!

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