Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Shameless Plug

Yay! The Wittenburg Door has a new site, and it's very funny. John Bloom, aka Joe Bob Briggs, is running the new site and does a lot of the writing, so it is well worth a read. Anyone who writes an article with the title Important News About Your Penis, From Ist Century Turkey gets a link from the Dance Party!

When I was in seminary, I would have a "read funny stuff day" every couple of months or so, in which I would go to the GTU library and pull a stack of The Living Church and the latest editions of The Door. The letters section of The Living Church is always good for a laugh, and John Bloom was writing regularly for The Door in those days, so I would sit at a desk in a corner and snicker away. Thank God Joe Bob Briggs is back! Watch some of the God Stuff videos, if you haven't seen them already.

Padre Mickey says, "Check it out!"


Caminante said...

Good Lord. When I was writing my dissertation (1985-90), I would hang out at Princeton Theological (Presbyterian founded) Seminary. When I wanted to procrastinate, which was often, I would prowl the stacks. Since I worked in the periodical room, there was lots of procrastination fodder. Pretty early on there I discovered the WD and usually could get some good laughs out of it. None of its wackiness made it into my dissertation, alas.

Paul said...

Merciful heavens! THE Joe Bob Briggs, my favorite movie reviewer? I'm in heaven and didn't know I died. Thanks for the news.

And yes, The Livid Church is always good for chuckles when it isn't driving one to despair.

susan s. said...

Love it!

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