Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday Random Ten

1. Knights In Shining Karma XTC
2. O Thou, The Central Orb Christ Church Cathedral Choir, Oxford
3. Joan Of Arc Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
4. Nada Juanes
5. Tell It To Carrie The Romantics
6. Vergine Sants, D'ognigratia Piena (Palestrina) The Hilliard Ensemble
7. Emelda Calipsos Combos Nacionales
8. Filipino Box Spring Hog Tom Waits
9. Going Underground The Jam
10. The Rock The Who

Ya punches the shuffle and ya takes yer chances.
As usual, all over the place. #5 is one terrible piece of Power-pop fluff, and I should really excise it from the iTunes, but every now and then one wants to hear terrible power-pop fluff (although today was not one of those days!). Super strong ending with noisy Tom Waits and one of my favourite songs by the Jam. I have a weak spot for the Who's Quadrophenia, having to do with my Wayward Youth and being trapped in a bean-bag chair with my bloodstream chock-full o' Windowpayne and a pair of headphones on my skull, listening to this album as the sun came up. I think that was the same morning I saw the trees breathe. I think I've said too much.


Matty Boy said...

I know nostalgic music is supposed to remind you of when you were a kid or adolescent, but for me, the stuff from when I was in the band in my late 20s is the strongest inducers of memory.

I say that because OMG! OMD!

Which Joan of Arc is it? The spooky dirge or the poppy love song?

Padre Mickey said...

Poppy Love Song, as opposed to the Puppy Love Songs so beloved by Señorita Chompita Wiggletail.

Caminante said...

Quadrophenia was for me sitting at my desk in my room, looking outside the window at afternoon thunderstorms beyond the apple trees... not quite as exciting as seeing the trees breathe -- no, rather melancholy.

ePisc0pal0oza said...

I probably wouldn't be where I am today without Quadrophenia and er um, other things of that time. Well selected Padre!

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