Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hey! It's Punkin Time!

It seems that Miss Bebé, The World's Cutest Granchile™, went to Half Moon Bay with her folks last weekend.
This is a family tradition; when Tara and Anne and their cousins Denise, Jessie, Richie, Amanda, Jimmy, Daniel, Colleen, David and Ryan, Courtland and Colin were likkel thangs, Grandma and Grandpa Dresbach would buy them all matching outfits of denim overalls and flannel shirts and some sort of hat, and the entire caravan of grandparents, aunts and uncles and moms and dads and cousins would drive to Half Moon Bay for what we called "The Punkin Hunt." We always preferred huntin' punkins 'cuz they don't run far and are easy to find. However, shooting them tends to leave them shattered and useless, so we just took photos of the millions of Dresbabies with the Giant Orange Squashes. After wandering all over the pumpkin patch, watching the children pick up ALMOST EVERY FRIGGIN' PUNKIN IN HALF MOON BAY, we would make our purchases, pile the lil' darlin's into several cars, then head to the beach for a lunch of KFC and fighting-off yellow jackets and a wind which was sure to blow sand into one's food.

I'm happy to see that Tara and Chris find this a tradition worth keeping. However, I noticed that instead of going to one of the picturesque Pumpkin Patches with the pumpkins spread throughout the farm, they went to what I always called Satan's Punkin Patch, the one with the train and the rides and the hot apple cider and souvenirs, where they've taken a perfectly fine Pagan holiday and COMMERCIALIZED IT!!! Oh well, I'll have plenty of colourful cute-lil-baby-with-pumpkin photos for those slow blogging days.


Juan Carlos said...

Juan Carlos isn't my real name...Juan Carlos is Juan Carlos's real name but both of us are in love with the Dresbach Pagan Holiday Heritage story (even though I'm the only one able to articulate our overtly zealous thrilledness in English)...I love the Satan's Punkin Patch angle too...the only Angels on site are obviously the Dresbach decendents, "Dresbabies" and their attendents!

The BIG question is: do Dresbach Dresbabies carve smiles or frowns in their pumpkins year after year?...are pumpkin carving styles predesposed genetically?

I'll bet YES (even though in my own sibling setting I know my sister, Mert, carved mean looking ones as mine were smilefacesteins)!

Go figure.

eileen said...

Love it!

My son just was asking me yesterday when we were going to go punkin' pickin'.

Maybe this weekend. We'll see. It's supposed to be cool and crisp. Great punkin' patch weather.

Matty Boy said...

Padre is right about the commercialization. As a teacher at schools with terms starting at odd times away from traditional "back to school", if I miss the few weeks that Target, K-Mart, etc., have their Back To School sale, I can forget getting anything there, because that retail space will be full of Halloween stuff by the first week of September.


Tara Mobley said...

The place we took most of the pictures at was a very annoying pumpkin patch and I doubt we will stop there next year.

Chris Mobley said...

As we were taking that last few miles at a whopping 5 miles per hour, we weren't too picky about where we stopped at that point.
I had pumpkins, a camera, and a cute baby. It worked. :P
Though we'll plan it better next year.

Melanie said...

Satan's Punkin Patch---i wanna know why they didn't invite their cousins who were surfin and ridin the waves in nearby, uncrowded Pacifica????

Anonymous said...

Matty boy: where is you teaching?

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