Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tenemos Uno Año

Today Padre Mickey's Dance Party is one year old.
Here is my first post..
Is that a present? Gibita me!


Matty Boy said...

Happy birfday 2 youse blog, padre!

The Dance Party was born on Halloween.

Lotsa 'Splainin' was born on April Fools.

Easy dates 2 remember! Always a good idear!

Paul said...

Bonne anniversaire, mon vieux. I give thanks for the joy, inspiration, and giggles you provide. Continuing wishes for the Lovely Mona's complete recovery.

FranIAm said...

Compleanos feliz mi amigo!

Well to your blog I mean.

Gibita? Splain please?

Anonymous said...

Give-it-to me

Anonymous said...

Give-it-to me

susan s. said...

Yeah, Franiam. Padre talks funny a lot! Look at the posts about the beautifulest grandchile in the worl' and you will see appropriate use of "Gibita Me."

susan s. said...

Oh, and Happy Birthday to Padre Mickey's Dance Party!

susan s. said...

Completely off topic!!! I just realized, Mickey that this is where I first read a MadPriest comment....November 26 last year. He was very nice to me then...things have gone downhill since....I think he found out that i am a bear of little brain...:-)

Jane R said...

Congrats Mickey! What would life be without El Padre's hagiographies and Red Mr. Peanut Fridays? Or without that cute grandchile?

Eileen said...

Happy Birt-day!

Yay for blogger! Yay for Padre Mickey! YAY!

Do we get cake? some ice cream?

Matty Boy said...

Did sumbuddy say ice cream?


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