Sunday, October 28, 2007

Friday at St. Christopher's

I meant to post these on Friday, but the Lovely Mona and I were at a meeting until 9:00 pm and got home late. Saturday the Lovely Mona fell and twisted her ankle and has been laid up. So I've been tending to her and to the constant demands of Señorita Chompita Wiggletail, the bossiest dog in all the Americas. I didn't take any photos at church this morning, so we'll just go with the Friday feature this week.

Friday morning we blessed the wedding of Mr. Urban Daniels and Ms. Marva Miller. It was a quiet, yet joyous event. Here is the happy couple.

This is Génesis Tamara Brown. She is only three weeks old! She is going to be baptized next Sunday at our All Saint's service. Look at that hair! She is one cutie! She is Tulio and Monique's baby sister.

As many of you know, St. Christopher's classes for people in the neighborhood, teaching skills which they may use to set up their own businesses or getting employment. Friday was the closura for the Cake Baking and Decorating Class. This is a very popular class, and it is taught by Ms. Sarah Williams, a very active member of St. Christopher's. She is on the vestry and serves as an usher. She also owns a bakery, Sarah's Cakes. She donates two sheet cakes for our coffee hours every Sunday. She also makes the best bacalao empanada (codfish pattie) on the planet (her chicken and meat empanadas are great, too).
There were about fourteen students this year, and they did some amazing work, which I am happy to show here at Padre Mickey's Dance Party.

The Crowd Gathers

The Graduating Students are all in the front row

The audience

Ms. Elfrida Beckford, Program Director, served as M.C. for the program

Ms. Sarah Williams, Teacher

A student speaks

Ms. Sarah Williams describing the cakes

Ms. Barbara Smith and her grandson (He's huge! He weighed 9lbs 11 oz at birth, so we cal him 911. He is a very sweet little boy).

And now..... THE CAKES!

All the cakes on display

Fancy cornbread

Carrot cake

This carrot cake is decorated with carrot shavings and pineapple

A frosted angelfood cake

Two Bacardi cakes (that's what they call rum cakes here).

This cake serves as a canvas for the roses which are hand-made

This is a delicious lemon cake. It isn't fancy but it was very good. And the flowers are hand-made and not from some package.

Kaluha cake

It's a pink cake. No cake is pinker

Piolín (Tweety-bird) cake

Some more corn bread. Corn bread is considered kind of exotic here, and the ladies in the class described it as a Mexican bread. I thought corn bread originated with Indigenous Americans, but I know that it is now the property of Southern cooks. It was good, and not sweet, which is how I like it.

Cinnamon rolls

A killer cheese-cake, my favorite

Lemme tell you about this cake: it is beautiful, and it is incredibly rich. The bottom layer of the cake is a chocolate rum cake (Mmmmm, rum!) and the top layer is flan, decorated with kiwi fruit and maraschino cherries, and, of course daisy (Please, don't eat the daisys!). IT WAS AN AMAZING LOOKING AND TASTING CAKE. If this had been the County Fair, I would have awarded the Blue Ribbon for this cake.

And now, the very important and delicious destruction of the cakes. I only wanted a piece of the cheese-cake but the proud students piled my plate high with samples of almost everything. I did my duty as Rector of St. Christopher's parish and ate many pieces of cake that afternoon, but I am okay now.


Grandmère Mimi said...

Prayers for quick healing of the Lovely Mona's ankle. Take good care of her, Padre.

Another beautiful Bébé and scrumptious looking cakes. I wish I could get a slice of at least one of them.

Jane R said...

Life is rough, Padre. But you hold up well under the stress.

I hope the Lovely Mona's ankle heals soon and I add my prayers to Grandmère Mimi's.

What a gorgeous, gorgeous baby!

And felicitaciones or felicidades to the graduates.

It's party time here in El Norte, too. The Sox won the Series! Can you send some of those cakes up to them?

Matty Boy said...

Best wishes to The Lovely Mona, and to the author of the brilliant sentence "No cake is pinker."

Never were truer words spoken.

John said...

I think those cakes might just almost make up for not having a driving license...(But the hassle of dealing with the Transito is not fun...They once "lost" my license because I wouldn't pay a bribe to get an exit permit to drive to Costa Rica...I literally stood over the guy while he went through a pile of licenses on his desk and when mine miraculously appeared I said, "Aja!" It was the only time I ever saw somebody at Transito look sheepish. Hope bringing in the bishop gets that problem resolved soon. Meanwhile, there are those cakes...

Caminante said...

This is torture looking at all these delicious cakes from afar.

Pobresita de Mona. Hope her ankle is healing quickly.

It must have been a trend because I tripped and fell down the hotel stairs on Friday. Nothing serious, just rug burn and bruises on my ankle and knee and a mildly tweaked back.

I need that chocolate rum cake!!!

susan s. said...

Oooohh, that combo cake with the real daisies would be my favorite too. I lervs the flan!!!!

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