Thursday, November 16, 2006


It looks like the split is coming and the Orthodox, so-called, are going full speed ahead. After reading posts at Fr. Jake’s, Thinking Anglicans, and the Admiral of Morality, I decided it was best for my blood pressure if I simply stayed away from Kendall’s place. I’m really torn; if the Orthodox, so-called, are so determined to leave, I can’t help but think “don’t let the red door hit you in the butt on your way out,” but the truth is that I really don’t want them to leave. I want to convince them that we can all live together in one church. On the other hand, do I really want people around who think I’m some terrible person because I believe that God loves and works through all people, male or female, gay or straight? Do I really want to be around people who limit the Holy Spirit and her/his work?

So, will the Most Blessed Bishops of the Global South grab up San Joaquin and the others? Or will TEC declare the Troublesome Dioceses abandoned and appoint new bishops to hold down the fort until elections can be held? Stay tuned for more exciting episodes of Ecclesiastical Kitty Kung-fu Fighting!!
I know you guys are suckers for animal photos!


Luiz Coelho said...

I loathe the misuse of the word "orthodox" by these folks...


Leonardo Ricardo said...

I've made a habit most of my life of leaving "places" or avoiding dangerous sick people whom intentionally harm LGBT human beings. When trapped in family, social or job "situations" I "took names" and never forgot and never let down my guard as to whom the dangerous BIGOTS were surrounding my everyday life and the healthy/happy survival and "well being" for those I love. However, I couldn't police the world and my "most loved" loved one was murdered some years ago.

I suppose it was simply self-preservation or just good common sense to identify dangerous sickos of all stripes (religious or not) as I moved along through my life...I don't consider that "judgmental" in a un-charitable sense. I've watched ugliness, pain, murder and senseless/boastful discrimination directed against people like me and/or listened silently (or not) to demoralizing slurs against LGBT Christians/others like me for a lifetime...I've seen many LGBT die from suicide because they couldn't take the emotional strain/pain of "being" themselves. I feel deep disgust for the selfproclaimed "reasserters" in our Church and I also note extreme danger from the rabidly ignorant Akinola and his greedy groupies who wish throw LGBT Christian/Muslim Nigerians in jail for "being!" The man is a drooling monster and out-of-control maniac along with the cowardly +Southern Cone and their accomplaces who sniff around for scraps/leavings of Episcopal Church property.

I've experienced fellings of rage, self-loathing, hate, victimization, endless resentments and revenge/vengence (taken or not) and still I end up at square one...God made me to be the Gay person that I's always been that way no matter what anyone else said or did or no matter what injustice I've had to endure.

God has made me and I intend to "be" the person that God wants me to be. My challenge has always been the same as far as "Gods will" for me...NOTHING has changed and I was aware of my "difference" and the "challenge" that came with it since I was a little kid filled with the knowledge of Gods love for me.

That's how I see it!

I'm not BUDGING or moving out of my pew for ANY feardriven hatemongering zealots or for even ONE selfrighteous puritanical thug who snoops/sniffs around in my personal life trying discover intimacies they consider sinful and then exclude me from all/any level of Churchlife they consider me unfit to serve at.

These "prowling" folks (never about their own affairs) have tormented people like me for centuries and it's time to say NO to feardriven and hatefilled stupidity! NO means NO! They will have to "go away" and play their hateful/demented games elsewhere or seek help and forgiveness from God and from those LGBT they have repeatedly demoralized and damned to Hell.

I See You!

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