Sunday, November 26, 2006

Las Iglesias de San Simón y San Cristóbal

Photos by the Lovely Mona

Last night Mona and I drove out to the Former Canal Zone to the little town of Gamboa. Gamboa is the headquarters of the Dredging Division of the Autoridad del Canal de Panamá. Many years ago it was a thriving community, but now it is more like a ghost town. The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute has offices there, and many people associated with STRI live in Gamboa. Iglesia San Simón, or St. Simon’s Church has been a part of Gamboa since 1949. It is a small congregation, but a wonderful, faithful, loving congregation. When Mona and I first came to Panamá, I served at St. Simon’s and San Juan in Villa Cáceres. We are still very much a part of St. Simon’s and I serve there whenever their Priest-in-Charge, Revdo. Nelson Edwards, is away.

This morning we had a small crowd at la Misa en Español. Tuesday is Independence from Spain Day and many parades take place today, so most of the youth were out marching and DIDN’T COME TO CHURCH and DIDN’T GET A PERMISSION SLIP FROM PADRE. But our little band played and we were tight! We did a super smooth version of “El Señor Nos Ama Hoy” this morning. That’s Profesor Bernardo Murray on organ, Señor Ricardo Staples on drums, and el Reverendo Padre Mickey on bass (Hmmm, Bernardo and Ricardo; maybe I should adopt the stage name of Micardo). Only three members of the choir showed up this morning; Mona got a great shot of them! Yeah, that’s a 1961 Gibson EB-0 short gauge


MadPriest said...

The Bernado Murray? !!!!!!!!!!!

You ain't ever gonna go home, are you?

Padre Mickey said...

How many Bernardo Murrays are there? This Bernardo Murray is the Bernie Murray who worked on El Himnario and Wonder, Love, and Praise, plays with lots of different groups here in Panamá, including 'Os Almirantes, and directs numerous choirs. Is that the Bernardo Murray to whom you refer?

MadPriest said...

I think he's been on every album released in Panama in the last twenty years - so it must be him. You are one hell of a lucky bast sorry so-and-so.

Padre Mickey said...

Okay, yeah, he's that Bernardo Murray.
We gots a pretty tight little trio, dude.
Maybe you should come to Panama and hear us.
I gots lots of Panamanian Rum.
And half of your record collection.

susan s. said...

Mike, I love it when you play bass in your dress!

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