Tuesday, November 28, 2006

God Loves A Terrier (Yes He Does)

Chompy and Bunny Toy, on the Forbidden Chair
MadPriest said that Señorita Chompita Wiggle Tail and Miss Natasha Leigh de Gamboa were “Gay men’s dogs.” Of course, both dogs would be proud to belong to gay men, but they both belong to heterosexual families. However, Chompy wanted me to remind MadPriest of this beautiful song from “Best In Show:”

God loves a terrier
yes he does
God loves a terrier
that's because
brown sturdy bright and true
they give their hearts to you
God didn't miss a stitch
be it dog or be it bitch
when he made the Norwich merrier
with his cute little 'derrier'
yes God loves a terrier!
Chompy and Natasha realize that they are not Noriwch Terriers, but Terriers nonetheless. Chompy requests that we all change the word "brown" to "black", while Natasha, being multicoloured, really doesn't care.

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