Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Marcharemos con los bastones, marcharemos con los bastones

In the Episcopal Church in Panamá, we like to have programs on Sunday afternoons. Different churches hold programs at different times of year, but November is very busy with these events. Most of them are held at the Bishop Clarence W. Hayes Gymnatorium at Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal, the school which was started at my parish 45 years ago. Two Sundays ago my parish, San Cristóbal, held a program entitled “Cumpliaños Amores¨(Birthdays of Love). Last Sunday, Iglesia San Albano en Paraíso held their annual Afternoon Tea and Show. I was unable to attend, but they held a great show, Un Desfile de Bastones (A Parade of Canes). Since so many of our parishioner are Tercer Edad (Senior Citizens) and now use a third leg to help them get around, I think this was a great show!
Photos by Reverendo Nelson Edwards

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Leonardo Ricardo said...

For the "next part" I may move down to Panama and dance around with these folks...LOOKS LIKE more fun in Panama than GUATEMALA (I heard Nicaragua is fun too)...I'm used to Puerto Rico and I KNOW Puerto Ricans and Panamanians have a similar ZESTO for LIFE...I love vibrance. I've never been to Brazil BUT I betcha they out spark everyone else (sorta human flamethrowers? Verdad Luiz?)...I like Argentina but the Argentines get a little overly enthusastic about being Argentines as do the Costa Ricans!

DANCE on, dear Panamanians!

VIVA Panama!

I See You!

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