Friday, November 17, 2006

For Leonardo Ricardo

heh, heh, I feels like someone is starin' at the back of mah haid, heh, heh.
"The East is Red."

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Leonardo Ricardo said...

Mil Gracias coolest Padre in the land!

This photo is really a pathetic example of Bush at his insensitive and stuttering/gasping for air brain wave "challenged" weakest!

Can you believe President "Viet Nam Dodger/Shifty/Fast Footwork" is all smiley in front of yet ANOTHER photo op with Uncle Ho (who looks like he'd like to have another round of kick'n butt guerrila warfare style with "shrub")?

I'll be a won'drn what our "Nam Vets" are going to be a say'n about this clod hopper of a prez pos'n with HO CHI MIN?

Meanwhile, back at the Vets Hospital (or living in the street), many of veterans of Viet Nam are still medicated and terminally suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder while simultaneously having nightmares/sweats and continued grief because of their buddies who died decades ago in Viet Nam!

Bush really should be confined to the White House for the next two years and not be allowed to use the telephone or make public statements. He can light the Christmas Tree and micro-manage the Easter Egg Roll.

Good night and may God Bless our Viet Nam Veterans with peace of mind.

God hear my prayer for peace in the Middle East..bring our soldiers home soon....por favor y Amen

I See You!

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