Friday, November 10, 2006

Peer Pressure

All the cool blogs have Friday Cat blogging or Friday Orchid blogging, and super cool blogs like TBogg have things like Friday Random Ten. And, man, do I wants ta be a cool blog! The peer pressure is intense!!! I don't have a cat, heck, I don't even have a camera or I could show photos of Chompita, the Cutest Dog in All the Americas, and I don't have an ipod, but I do have iTunes, so I decided to do my own Random 10. I went to the Party Shuffle, hit "shuffle" and here is the first ten:
1. "Be With You" Neil Young
2. "Malo" Bebe
3. "Ranking Full Stop" The Beat
4. "Abbeville (Come, Holy Spirt, Come)" Anonymous 4
5. "The Statue Got Me High" They Might Be Giants
6. "The Great Pretender" Brian Eno
7. "Back From Somewhere" Hüsker Dü
8. "Throwing My Baby Out With The Bath Water" Tenpole Tudor
9. "Ojos Así" Shakira
10. "Vibrate" Outkast
Extra Bonus Song: 11. "The House Where Nobody Lives" Tom Waits

Sheesh! What does this prove, besides the fact that my music collection is ancient? I mean, only three songs are from this century! Well, it is almost eclectic.

Well, I think I gotta spend some time on a new post.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My man!
You are the only one in the neighbourhood with anywhere near my fantastic taste in music. If you hadn't slipped that "They Might Be Giants" in you would have had a perfect score.

But no matter - you went for "Throwing The Baby Out With The Bath Water." There will be no purgatory for you, my friend, you're going straight to heaven. I can hardly believe that somewhere in some place called Panama there is a person who not only rates Tenpole Tudor but chooses only his greatest moment for his iPod. What can I say. I'm not easily impressed've impressed me.

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