Friday, November 24, 2006

Friday Random Ten

Yeah, I AM procrastinating. I just can't get that Christ the King sermon started. Today's Random Ten is all over the place!
1. The Voyer of Utter Destruction - David Bowie
2. Killer Joe (Right Cross) - The Tommy Chase Quartet
3. Concerto for strings and organ in D Major, RV124 - Musici di San Marco
4. Why Don't We Do It In The Road? - The Beatles
5. Get In The Swing - Sparks
6. I Hate Alternative Rock - Bob Mould
7. Roller Coaster - The 13th Floor Elevators Live
8. Orange Rolls, Angel's Spit - Sonic Youth
9. You And Whose Army? - Radiohead
10. Sientamientos - Manuel de Jesús
Don't do anything with it, Leonardo! And as always, Friday Random 10 is for entertainment purposes only. Please, no wagering!


Anonymous said...

This is getting creepy.

Tommy Chase - how can you have even heard of Tommy Chase? I don't think you live in Panama I think you live down the road and when I'm not in you come and look at my record collection. This is some kind of wind up.

Actually, poss not - I don't like the Beatles.

Padre Mickey said...

anonymous (if that's your REAL name), I didn't always live in Panamá. However, I do look at your record collection when you aren't in, through the miracle of Remote Viewing, which, as you are well aware, is part of the Grace of Ordination.

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