Friday, November 17, 2006

Wadda Guy!

So, I see they finally got the Great Chicken Hawk to Vietnam, only forty years later!
"We'll succeed, unless we quit!" he said! I love seeing Uncle Ho watching over the Dim Son.

After reaching out to the Democrats post "thumpin,'" I see he has decided to put the same sorry collection of crazy, rabid, reactionaries up for confirmation as judges. What exactly is he up to, and what exactly does he think is going on?

Well, I know that I'll be staying in Panamá for at least two more years!

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Leonardo Ricardo said...

I can hardly believe it...I rush home from taking Violetta (my lady who saves my life daily from facing mountains of mess that I somehow/singlehandedly make skyscrapers of) to have her new puppies (five until four..little departed puppy prayer please) stitches removed from puppy tail shortening and here I find Uncle HO gazing over President Chicken Dim you are so funny, you make my day, Padre! Day? Padre? We better start trying to sell all the cleverness pouring out of this dance party of yours (btw, I don't know what I'm supposed to *do* with your Friday Random Ten)!

I stocked/stalked (I stayed too long at the fair personally) the bar for Thanksgiving Dinner (and a little luncheon I'm having tomorrow to introduce our new secret decoded friend David to a few discreet cool people he needs to know...David reports he will be "checking in" soon with all of us so we can help SAVE his ass from Puritans frowning/hissing/piss-moaning "couples only" when all God LOVING folks know, full well it's about ALL SKATE!


susan s. said...

Bwaa Haa Haa!!!!! Bwaa Haa Haa!!!!!

Mike you are such a ready wit. You should have your own Colbert Report(remember the Ts are silent!)

Dim Son indeed. And what does that mean, "We'll succeed, unless we quit!" There is not a smart bone in his sad.

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