Thursday, November 16, 2006

What the Admiral said!

  • El Almirante dice

  • I am very sorry to see the Diocese of San Joaquin taking such actions, but I gotsta agree wit el Almirante.


    Leonardo Ricardo said...

    Aye Aye Sir! All ashore that's going ashore before the Canons start being fired! LOL

    susan s. said...

    Yes, Mickey, 'tis a shame! I have commented on other blogs today about how Bishop Rivera is spinning in his grave at the current bishop's behaviour. And having seen comments on all three blogs I read daily, from Leonardo, he and I must be siblings under the skin as well as in Christ.

    Leonardo Ricardo said...

    Oh Susan! You're THAT Susan! Of course we're fact we are family members that have wonderful taste in friends and enjoy colorful and fascinating places!

    Who shall we check-out next? Have you seen Luiz's pink and orange haired muppets sing? Whoops, maybe you can't see them annimated but "still life" they are wonderful too and he has a new family picture (of his family?) that is nice too.

    Big Hugs!

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