Sunday, November 19, 2006

Kitties and Babies

photo by Chris Mobley

As my latest entry in the Cutest Photographs in an Episcopalian Blog competition, I offer the above photo of my darling granddaughter, Evelyn Sarah Mobley, daughter of Tara Mobley (who comments here on occasion), in an encounter with the Family Pet. I can’t remember the name of the cat; I guess I am a bad abuelo. (I have some other photos with that strange toy mariposa in them, and I must say, that toy's face is just a bit troubling). Kitties and Babies, Bunnies and Iguanas, and, coming soon, Darling Puppies!

The past two days have been very busy. Much of yesterday was spent preparing for today’s activity: the parish Harvest Thanksgiving Service and Thanksgiving Luncheon. When we first arrived at the church, there was a small crisis since no one had signed Official Papers at Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal, the school associated with our parish, and the site of today’s Thanksgiving Luncheon. Since no Official Papers had been signed, there was a small dispute as to whether we could hold the event there. Fortunately, the Directora of the school appeared and we apologised and straightened things out. We also supplied the necessary chairs for the event. Mona and I had rehearsal with the Coro de Jovenes, and then we went grocery shopping. Once we returned home, I invested several hours in roasting a turkey (one of five donated for the luncheon by various parishioners). Senorita Chompita Wiggletail, the Cutest Dog in All the Americas was very interested in the turkey roasting, in fact, she kept watch in the kitchen throughout the evening. She was very disappointed when I carved the bird and all the meat went into the refrigerator without any for her bowl! Well, actually, a little bit went into her bowl, but not as much as she believes is her due. She’ll just have to wait until Thursday.

Our Harvest Thanksgiving Service was wonderful. The Altar Guild decorated the church with fresh vegetables and fruits, with a beautiful display in front of the altar. Padre Cáceres, assisting priest of the parish, was the preacher and did a wonderful job, as always. It was very nice to have both the Adult Choir and the Coro de Jovenes singing together. It was a bilingual service, and I am very proud of the fact that our congregation is able to move between english and español in a very smooth manner without the awkwardness which is so often a part of bilingual liturgies. We had many visitors this morning, including four women with the organization Heart to Heart from New York City. After the Mass we all walked across the street to IESC and had a wonderful luncheon with turkey, chicken, ham, rice and beans, several salads, platinos de tentación, and pumpkin pie and cakes for dessert. We must have had two hundred fifty people enjoying lunch and fellowship. I should have some photos by late tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Don't you think Natasha is in the running for cutest dog?

Padre Mickey said...

Lizzie, Natasha is darling, and a contender, but Senorita Chompita Wiggletail has held the title of Cutest Dog in All the Americas for three years running, and is in no danger of giving up her title as of yet.

Luiz Coelho said...

I don't have a photo of a cat with a baby...

But I have a photo of myself with "my baby" (a cat).

Here it is!

Tara Mobley said...

Adora is the kitty in the pic. Eris, our other cat also came up to Evie in a similar way, but I didn't have the camera ready.

Is the toy you are refering to Larry the Lighting Bug, Educational Baby Toy Extrordinaire? Yeah, it's a little freaky.

susan s. said...

Never mind the kitties.....The baby is the cutest...even cuter than dogs!

Mona said...

I agree with Susan. This baby is the cutest. Of course, I'm a bit partial to her, being her abuela and all.

Luis, I love the pic of you and your "baby." What's it's name?

Matty Boy said...

Picture of baby and kitty reminds me of the Bengal cats my friend Kevin in Seattle has. The breed is a mix of domestic and wild cat, and you can tell about the wild side. I decided Tore, the elder Bengal, had named Kevin and his wife TooBigToEat1 and TooBigToEat2.

As we can see in the picture, for Adora, people come out of the wrapper already TooBigToEat.

The baby is cuter than the cat, no question, and I am not a blood relation to either.

Ann said...

Another entry:

Luiz Coelho said...

My cat's name is Tina...

And I must confess your baby (hmm, the baby baby, not the baby cat ;) ) is still the cutest one.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

The Cat and Baby REVIEWS are in from the Global Center Departamento de Sacatapequez:

"Adorable! Sweet! Moving! Perfecto! Touching! Excellent! Firstrate!"

Yours truly, your devoted doggie admirers up north,

Belle de Gonzalez, Chocolate and White elderly/no-nonsense Cocker with great instincts.

Walker Gonzalez, Black and White son of Belle (although she hates him because he never got a good job and he's lazy around the house and attempts to eat her food)

Dulce Serena Clark Gonzalez, stunning, young, pregnant, out-of-wedlock Hollywoodish rubio Cocker. (Belle adopted her as her puppy and loves her anyway and won't "turn her out" after she went astray with a whiskey drinking/colored Cocker from the otherside of town).

Marcos the Orphan Peekaneese who guards everyone obsessively except Belle de Gonzales who he growls at whenever she blindly (she has no hearing either) heads his way...Belle ignores him entirely because he simply "isn't one of us"...Marcos being a underbiting fanged, noisy/pintsized nippy Global Southerner and all.

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