Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Quick Post

According to the site meter I installed the other day, I have real, live, regular readers from all over the world! I am astounded! So I apologize to all of you today for the total lack of posting. I live in a developing nation. We have many modern conveniences, but we are still part of the Developing World. When it rains heavily, which happens daily in November, my DSL connection at the church goes out. It has been out all day, so I have been unable to post. Plus, once I got home, I worked with my friend Eric Jackson of the Panama News as he raided my record and cd collection for music for his new podcast, “Wappin.” That took most of the afternoon, so that's why I haven’t posted today.

I am very happy about the results of the election in the U.S. It appears that the Democratic Party has gained both the House and the Senate. This is the first election since I moved to Panama in which I didn’t wonder about the sanity of my fellow countrypersons. Now there may be a chance for the U.S. to actually recover some credibility here in the Real World. And I just learned that Mr.Rumsfeld resigned or was given the old boot. If the U.S. is serious about gaining credibility once again, they will get the Vice President to resign, or, even better, shackle him and let him languish in caves of methane ice beneath the White House. I have always voted Democratic because Sandinistas can’t vote in the primaries. Speaking of Sandinistas, Daniel Ortega won the election in Nicaragua. So, Nicaragua, Brasil, and the U.S. have not gone Dubya’s way. Thanks be to God!!

I’ll try to post tomorrow, but I can’t guarantee anything. Perhaps the telephone situation will be repaired, but if there is no change, I won’t be able to post, as I have a long day tomorrow with a funeral AND a Vestry meeting. I’m still deciding whether I will share with you my experience of purchasing extremely fresh poultry this afternoon, but I may lose all my readers!

Thank you for your support.


MattyBoy said...

Because Sandinistas can't vote in the primaries.

Yo amo Padre Mickey!

But he already knew that,

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Si, BRAVO for the Democrats and it looks as if the Senate will "be won" today too...rain or shine it appears that the "talking down" to everyone and "speaking as if you know stuff you don't" tactics of Rumsfeld and the Veep Chaney are going the way of all political nonsense/crapola and payola...I was getting concerned for a while because the Republican "common folk" (which they probably are reminded they ARE, in fact, since their "fall" Tuesday) were doing Rumsfeld/Chaney "impressions" and strutting around everywhere, all puffed up pretending they were competant/all-knowing human beings!

Rightsized is especially good for the pintsized righteous blowhards!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Oh, and President Bush?

He never was believeable in anyones eyes except the beholders of greed, exploitation, discrimination and the pratictioners of fear and hate!

Yep, Bush and his deadly nonsense couldn't survive the test of TRUTH!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

One wonders if +Akinola/+Orombi will note the "clear headed" actions by U.S. Voters or simply proceed to act/pretend as if "they know stuff" they don't know about the majority of relgious folks in the U.S.A.?

Tara Mobley said...

I'm relieved by the election results too. Maybe it'll happen again in two years.

susan s. said...

extremely fresh poultry?
Sounds just killed to me. Did they wring the necks right in front of you?

Susan Hedges

Padre Mickey said...

Hey Tara, how's dat baby gurl doing???
Su Abuelo

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Poultry? Fresh Poultry? Otherstuff?

Here are the LatinAmericano rules:

1) Never look in the baskets when in the know the ones with the adorable live chickens huddled neck to neck uncomfortably in the "before" aspect/posture of their last few moments with the old breathing in and out habit.

2) Never look at the pretty presentation of the "finished and fully plucked" version of poultry offerings (complete with things that look like marbalized/multi-colored eggs/grapes nestled in the tummy cavern).

3) Never project the fate of darling little piglets tied up with rope "dog leads" which squeeling/prancing delightfully at the edge of the mercado.

4) Don't ever question what anything is made out of...appearance ARE everything!

5) Always be certain when you buy stuff a "mano" that your saleslady has basketball player sized hands.

6) Don't eat any red popcorn balls.

7) Buzzard alert, NEVER look up unless it is directly into the Sun!

More later, I'm getting a little queezy.

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