Monday, November 27, 2006


I just purchased my tickets to fly to San Francisco to attend Epiphany West in January. Usually I am the chaplain at Campamento Intermedio (Jr. High Camp) for the diocese of Panamá, but I’ve been doing that for seven years and decided to take a sabbatical from camp. I will be at camp next year.

The name of the conference is Re-visioning Anglicanism - Where do we go from here? which is an important subject, especially with all that is happening in TEC right now. In fact, there is a good conversation going on at Father Jake’s right now about the diocese of San Joaquin.

I realize that most of the readers here come for the photos of cute mammals, but I gotta ask: is anyone else planning to be at Epiphany West?


MadPriest said...

Please will you Americans stop putting "Re-" in front words. It doesn't actually mean anything and its so, well, American. Of course, I don't care what you people do with your own language but it's now catching on over here. Every trendy, pain in the butt, diocesan officer out to make names for themselves are re-imagining this and re-visioning that which means we have to go to boring seminars where a load of career boys who wouldn't last a day in a parish try to teach us a load of stuff we already know because we've been doing it for years!

So, Padre, when you're up there tell them to stop it and just use words that actually make sense - there's plenty of them.

Padre Mickey said...

Okay, okay. I'll make sure I attend the Visioning Anglicanism-Where do we go from here? seminar, just to make you happy. Of course, you could attend, too, and we could tear up my old Berkeley stompin' grounds. You'd have to come to dinner with my daugher, her husband, and the darling granddaughter, but then you could meet that cat. Or you could stay in England, attending boring meetings with the career boys (yuk!).
In my former life, when I was a Purchasing Agent, I had to attend many terrible meetings led by career boys and girls about Quality Control, using all the latest clichés. I was miserable, but I usually turned them all off and wrote songs for A Cruel Hoax, usually having two verses and a chorus by the time I returned to my desk! Maybe you should put your energies in that direction!

susan s. said...

So, Mad Priest (I do love your name!), I believe this time it is an attempt to re-frain from being mis-understood. Now that I am trying to make sense of what I wanted to say(who knows, perhaps I did not know what I wanted to say in the first place, and my attempts at humor can be a little off) I am having trouble re-framing my thoughts!

Not all Americans speak, think, or write in academicese, and it can be frustrating for some of us, too. I applaud your attempts to completely civilize unruly Yanks who think that their way is best! I am afraid we will always be getting under your collar in one way or another ;-).

Apropos of nothing, is it ok that I love Typhoo Tea, or is it still considered the sweepings?

susan s. - Slightly Ugly American

Leonardo Ricardo said...

I'm lucky to get anything written/spelled correctly in Spanish or English...forget it..I'm a miracle! When I lived in Central America before (for five years after Puerto Rico for a decade and then seven years in Puerto Rico again) I couldn't spell anything in any Spanish is terrible and my English took a powder!


I'm gradually getting the writing parts of my former Americano English selfback after discovering that I was taken for a Spainglish RIDE/overhaul that included me not being able to speak, or spell, any complete/mixed, sentences in any language.

Ay Bandito!

So what if I'm a little thick? I'm good at otherstuff and I was a Art Major at the same La Torre campus place that you may know well near downtown/Original Joes so I'm not expected to know a bunch of extra smart stuff!

BTW I just finished the coolest over six foot tall (4" deep) wooden Celtic Cross...I painted it with my LatinAmericano syle of pointillismo/featuring abstract florals in monochromatics/neautral colors/w/metalic accents certainly could use it at your church (right wall/behind lecturn because you've got all those niches behind the alter that mess stuff up)...we'd have to get it to Panama (I'm not donating it AND paying for shipping) somehow but we could dedicate it to the BRAVE new Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop and her friendly/loving self...that is if it's ok with all your folks...or we could sell it up here and buy Copa tickets to visit one another and laugh at nutso stuff (that's appealing to me)!

Tara Mobley said...

I won't be at Epiphany West, but I am looking forward to seeing you! Evie is a lot more fun than she was when you last saw her, and she'll be about six months old and even more interesting come January. And I was hoping that you'd come for dinner. But if you want to bring friends along, let me know how many I'll be having in advance so I can make sure to have enough food, okay?

Padre Mickey said...

Tara, of course we're going to get together when I'm there! I plan to take you and Chris and baby Evie to dinner (well, you supply her dinner). Are we going to have hot links at your house when I come to dinner there?
Your Father, who art in Panama, Mickey be his name.

Tara Mobley said...

It's more likely I'll make beef stew. Hot links are more of a lunch thing, unless you really want them. We can continue the discussion of possible dinners through e-mail.

MadPriest said...

I'm afraid, Susie Sue, that you yanks got to me years ago with you damnable coffee. But the few little old ladies, that I know, who still drink char (English spelling), tell me that Typhoo is still the poo. The in tea at the moment is not Twinings or similar but Yorkshire Tea. I assume they grow it on the slopes leading up to the moors but I live close by and I've never seen any bushes. I have a feeling it might be bog-standard Ceylonese tea (it's possible the natives may have changed the name of Ceylon by now - ungrateful lot) that they've put in a Yorkshire box. Yorkshire people are very devious and never to be trusted.

susan s. said...

Ah, madpriest, Yorkshire Gold Tea is most expensive here. Besides I like the taste of Typhoo and the price! I come from good Scotch-Irish stock, and a bargain always tastes better! ;-) I'll remember your advice about Yorkshire folks.

Padre Mickey said...

Hey, are you Susan S. O.P.?

susan s. said...

Yes, why? Have you been reading Fr. Jake?

Padre Mickey said...

Fr. Jake? I would never read that site! I'm totally a Titus 1:9 and Virtueonline kinda guy!!

Yes, I did read it, and I was happy to see you signed dat ting. I be signing it, too.

So, an I gonna see you in January?

Leonardo Ricardo said...

"Yorkshire people are very devious and never to be trusted." MP

So that's it! It's not *my* fault, whew, that was a close's genetic/pathetic my tiny/teenieweenie yellow polka dot character defect of a "sneaky" because mi daddy was born in Hull, Yorkshire!

Guess I don't have to pray to get rid of that anymore because it's in mi cuerpo! Thanks Priest of Madness...what a relief!

susan s. said...

If you're lucky! Maybe Dave will be here too. He says he'll be home in January, but he doesn't say dates yet.

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