Monday, November 20, 2006


It appears that our new Presiding Bishop is not one to stand by and watch the schismatic bishops continue to make their threats without response. She has decided to say "Hold on there, boys. Just what do you think you are doing?!?" Over at Kendall's place heads are spinning and spewing lime yogurt like crazy!! They can't believe that she would DARE to suggest that ol' +John David is doing anything wrong. You may read her letter over at
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    Leonardo Ricardo said...

    "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!"

    Thanks be to God!

    Let the "lime yogurt spewing" begin!


    Leonardo Ricardo said...

    I just posted this at Thinking Anglicans Blog but they probably won't "post" it since they don't like it when I get extra REAL over there at Inglaterra:

    "Those who persecute the righteous - I fear for them" Ian M.

    Brother Ian,

    You need not "fear for them" or "worry for them" as it's not about "them."

    Many of our overtly self-righteous brothers and sisters who you are concerned for ARE the very ones who have been persecuting, flaming hatred, physically tormenting/sexually abusing, casting-out/refusing Communion to/from, loathing/slandering, demeaning, demoralizing and spiritually/physically raping fellow Christians *always*. Some of the demanding "righteous" are self-deceiving "accessories" to the hate crimes and murder of LGBT Christians and heterosexual Women that they generate from the pulpit and in everyday society. It is "they" who quite often instigate sin and great pain.

    Throughout OUR Christian history, un-holy, bigoted and feardriven men have promoted, encouraged and released vile actions toward LGBT folks and heterosexual Women. For a longer time than your memory or your good conscience serves you LGBT Christians and heterosexual Women and *others* have been persecuted by the "righteous" and "twisted" themselves in fear and become and "immoral" Scriptural authorities (meanwhile twisting Scripture along with themselves).

    We ought now ALL pray together for the frightened and hatefilled extremists within the Body of Christ and for the naked shame/sham of their self-righteous and emotionally/spiritually disturbed conduct.

    It's time to say "no more" to them and to help lift them from the sickness of their zealous "ways" before *they* inflict more harm on others and on their very own "eternal" striving/demanding and restless souls.

    It's time to say no to some of Gods viscious children of all ages and to tell them to "sit down" and LISTEN for a while.

    Lord Hear Our Prayer

    Leonardo Ricardo said...

    Holy Vaca,

    They did publish it (under the letter from ++Katharines "letter" to +Schofield.


    I See You!

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