Sunday, November 12, 2006

Golden Idol

Last night Mona and I attended the opening night of a Bible Prophecy seminar which is being held by the Seventh-day Adventist church here in Panamá. The speaker is the evangelist Mark Finley. We were invited to attend by the Elder of the SDA church around the corner from our parish. It was an interesting evening with some great singing. I am not a fan of Bible Prophecy; my years at Okinawa Christian School and time in the Assemblies of God church, where we were bombarded and terrorized into obedience with Bible Prophecy and the imminent return of Christ, has left me skeptical of such teachings. Mr. Finley talked about Nebuchadnezzer’s dream of the golden-headed image (from the book of Daniel). Since I grew up hearing this stuff I was simply listening, until he claimed that Isaiah predicted the actions of Cyrus 150 years before they happened. Geez, I couldn’t believe that Mr. Finley has not heard of Second Isaiah! So, of course, the rest of the evening was spent playing “Spot the Errors.” While I could of done without the bible prophecy lecture, I did enjoy the music and our host were so very gracious to the two of us. I don’t think I will be attending the rest of the seminar.

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Matty Boy said...

Why aren't the Iron/Clay feet ever the good old USA, "the greatest power God ever allowed to reside on his footstool", as Ike used to put it?

Just asking.

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