Monday, February 25, 2008

Ayer en la Parroquia Episcopal San Cristóbal

Yesterday was a big day at San Cristóbal. At the 7:30 am Eucharist in English, the ECW celebrated its 70th anniversary. They wore their peach-coloured dresses and took communion together. The service was followed by a Festive Coffee Hour, with lots of goodies.

The closura for Vacation Bible School took place en la Misa en Español a las 10:30 am. The church was decorated with the crafts the children made, and we also had a table in front of the lectern with even more crafts on display. The teens did a dramatic reading of the gospel, and Peter Wright, the president of the youth group Luz de Mañana, gave a reflection. The different classes gave presentations just before the Offertory. Each class sang a couple of songs, all involving hand motions, of course! At the end of the service they all received their certificates. Certificates are very important in Panamá. Of course, this was all followed with another Festive Coffee Hour, which the Lovely Mona and I skipped, as we were exhausted, and we still had to go to the music store to buy my new guitar.

Photos, as always:

VBS crafts decorating the church

The Episcopal Church Women of St. Christopher's

Padre blessing the ECW

Another Festive Coffee Hour!

Mrs. Rachel Weeks, president of the Altar Guild

Mrs. Roxanne Olton and Mrs. Clara Edwards

Mrs. Doyle (for her International Fan Club)

Jeanette Lord, new Vestry member

VBS crafts on display

Dramatic reading of the gospel

Peter giving a reflection

Los Pequeños sing a song about how their telephone connection to God doesn't require a phone number or a calling card, just their hearts. A very cute song!

Los Niñas y Niños and their teacher Denzel Arthur singing a song about creation with LOTS of hand motions.

Los Intermedios singing "Con Cristo en mi Barca todo marcha feliz porque conmigo está."

Los Jóvenes didn't sing; they answered questions about the Bible. This bunch seems to want more singing.

The Lovely Mona likes to take photos of me blessing children

Paulette Bilanfanty receives her certificado

Los Pequeños con certificados

Los Niñas y Niños con certificados

Los Intermedios con certificados

Los Jóvenes con certificados

El Equipo (The Team)


Anonymous said...

"for her International Fan Club"

Count me in!

HOLA MRS DOYLE! You're looking happy and healthy...blessing to you dear friend.

Leonardo Ricardo
Somwhere in Upper Central America

Jane R said...

¡Ay,Los Pequeños! Tia Jane here is clucking at the Total Cuteness. Love the song, too.

And I continue to be impressed with young Denzel. Lotsa good energy. (Don't I still sound Californian.)

susan s. said...

I too am glad to see Mrs. Doyle out and about! Such lovely pictures of such lovely people.

Jane R said...

P.S. Hey Padre, do you be growing that beard?

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