Saturday, February 16, 2008


Anonymous said...

We have over 20 Parakeets at the momento...Juan Carlos is raising them and I've learned to love them and they live in lovely cages (some duplex's and fourplex's painted to match the house) on our second floor balcony hanging over the "veranera" cascading in multi colors (I love Bogonevilla and we have orange, red, purple, white and yeller)...well, the point of my story is that one of the "mommie birds" died after her children were hatched (about a week ago)...I was sick...she was a fab Mom and was a beautiful shade of yellow...her name was Julia...long story/short, we had a little funeral in the garden for Julia and then Juan Carlos took charge of the cage/nest and cares for the birdies with the Daddy bird, named Julio naturally. They are thriving...all are thriving...I'm sending pictures to Padre Mickelstein.

Blessings abound amongst the Parakeets and the Veranera!

Leonardo Ricardo

Rowan The Dog said...

I'd like to chase the cat AND the bird.

Jane R said...

Ah, inclusive church. So hard to build with multiple species in the same space. ;-)

Juanuchis said...

You beat me to it! I saw this earlier, but I went to church, so I didn't add it to my blog till this afternoon.

Too funny!

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