Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday Red Mr. Peanut Bank and Gallito Mescalito Blogging

The Most Blessed Primados of The Real Live Orthodox Episcopal Anglican Protestant Catholic Pentecostal Evangelical Fundamentalist Christian Church of All the Americas and Actually the Entire Globe; Yeah, that's Right, We Include the Global South, the Global North AND the Global Center, So Where Else Ya Gonna Go? also known as the RLOEAPCPEFCCAAAEGYRWIGSGNAGCSWEYGG or The True, Really, I Mean It, Church™, His Holiness the Rt. Rev. Red Mr. Peanut Bank, Bishop of All Legumes and Vegetables, and his Most Shriekiness, the Rt. Rev. Gallito Mescalito, wish you all a Blessed First Friday of Lent, and will be back with the Entire Cast in an Entirely Appropriate Lenten Program next week.


David Austin Allen said...

Greetings & salutations most Holy & Revered ones.

Matty Boy said...

Los obispos poderosos!

"Bertie" said...

Oh my, I can tell we're getting into the "thick" of Lent...I can sense the serious posturing of the really big, bigboys (and there may be special "tell-offs" in the confessionals, so don't get trapped with one of them bishops of the REAL CHURCH, better known throughout the mundo as, wonders what ++they have given up for Lent (perhaps it's the sound of their own voices? Perhaps 1st Clase Air Travel? Weekends at The Ritz Carlton? Telling Fibs? Melting down Candlesticks?)...

"we shall see, what we will see"*

*My Mom

Conde Bertram Havicwilder-Suarez Littleminder Scripps

"Holy" and "Revered" said...

Greeting to you, oh loyal and obediant one named David Austin Allen...keep up the good "praise" and you'll, one day, maybe real soon, be enthroned amongst us at St. Virtuals By-The-New World...there are changes a'com'n ad we'll be need'n a few well mitered men!

Holy and Revered

David Austin Allen said...

Holy & Revered,

Just in case you aren't up on my curriculum vitae, I am openly homosexual. I am not currently living with a partner in a relationship, but would certainly do so with the right individual. (If he ever shows up! Where oh where is my blue prince? ¿Dios mio, por qué a mi?) But, oh Revered one, I digress. I also am a great supporter of the three-fold ministry of Deacons, Priests & Bishops expressed in the multi-fold capacity of the equal ordination of both women and men, heterosexuals, homosexuals, bi-sexuals and trans-sexuals, even celibate, or whatever the PC term of the the day for any of the above mentioned expressions of God-breathed sexuality.

These firmly held beliefs being acceptable, I need a miter in a metric size 58! I also prefer the carved wood croziers. Vestments along the lines of that smart dressing Presiding Bishop of the Anglican church in the USA are very appealing to me as well, if you can arrange it. I am thinking they were custom tailored for her.

I See You!

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