Thursday, February 21, 2008

Today At Vacation Bible School

Today was the fourth day of Vacation Bible School. Tomorrow will be a big day, and Saturday they are all going to the Zoo at Summit Gardens in the former Canal Zone. Sunday will be the Closura, or graduation. We'll have plenty of photos of THAT service!

An early arrival

This little guy asked me to take his fóto, but wouldn't tell me his name when I asked!

Denzel leading a song with lots of hand motions. The song got faster and faster and faster!

Holding hands to pray Padre nuestro que est'as en el cielo, santificado sea tu Nombre. . .


Grandmère Mimi said...

The chirren are so cute! I know the Padre Nuestro in Spanish, too. We said it at the beginning of every Spanish class. I know the Ave, Maria and "En el nombre del Padre...." Am I smart, or what?

Jane R said...

This Denzel guy is fabulous.

Mimi, you are majorly smart. Muy smarte. No, wait, muy intelligente. Something like that. Whatever it is, it's definitely muy and then something isima at the end. Smartisima!

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