Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Where Is He?

Where the heck is the Admiral of Morality? He hasn't posted anything since December 9.
Also, the Simple Village Organist is still missing.
AND, St. Pat hasn't posted for a while, but I know she's busy with a real job and stuff.

I hope the Admiral shows up again soon. I really like his commentary.


Jane R said...

Okay, I am sending my local peeps on the trail of my lost buddy Simple Village Organist. I have fallen down on the job on that one -- but one set of local peeps was busy getting pregnant. (Oh yeah, like that takes too much time to go on an expedition. But second trimesters are better. So I'll write or call them.)

"Desy" said...

I was checking for the Admiral too (last week)...he's probably "see sick" and regrouping in his cabin for a while.

Deseray Higgenbottom

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