Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Red Mr. Peanut Bank And Gallito Mescalito Blogging: Proper Friday During Lent Edition

Our Dog-Toy-On-The-Floor Reporter went throughout the house asking the following question: What is your Lenten discipline this year? (A question we've nicked from Father Jake)

Padre Mickey, Z-level Episcopal Blogger I've given up meat for Lent, and I'm doing a Lenten Lecture series on the question "What IS The Faith Entrusted To The Saints?" which requires much research and Bible study. Oh, and I've also given up shaving, which is my way of making everyone else suffer.

Red Mr. Peanut Bank As a Toy Bank, I'm not really expected to practice any spiritual discipline, being without a soul and all that, but, since I AM a toy in a priest's house, I've given up chocolate and shaving.

Señorita Chompita Wiggletail, mascota I've given up sky-diving, pig-sticking, bear-baiting, and vegetables and fruit.

Gallito Mescalito, Popular Internet Star ¿Shriek? ¡¡SHRIEK!! Oh, and shaving.

Miss Egyptian Hippo Of Love, Popular Vocalist Well, while the others have given something up for Lent, I've decided to take something on for Lent! I'll be reading Kierkegaard, like everyone else, and I've taken on wearing this false mustache.

Mr. Chompy's Chewed-Up Squeaky Kitty Toy I've given up catnip, Whiskas, and, under extreme peer pressure, shaving.

Bunrab, the Filthiest Toy in the House I'm just trying to avoid the dog. Yeah, that's it. I've given the dog up for Lent.

Squeaky Gorilla I've given up nachos, skeek clear alcohols, skeek and, like everyone else, shaving. skeek
Dog-Toy-On-The-Floor Reporter, off camera What's that noise?
Squeaky Gorilla What noise? skeek I don't hear anything!

¡El Toro! I have given up nothing, NOTHING! But I have grown this big, macho, mustache!!

So, what is YOUR Lenten discipline this year? I don't care if you already posted at Father Jake's.


Anonymous said...

I think this post is the funniest thing I have seen since being at MadPriest's. LOL!!! I have given up Starbucks.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Padre, why are your eyes closed? Is that part of the discipline? With your eyes open, you might look handsome in your beard.

I'm writing a difficult post about my Lenten discipline, which is taking me days to finish, so I'm not about to give away any one or two liners here. Maybe next time.

Since you mentioned tulips and phones at my blog, I posted a little something for you. But don't tell our respective mates.

Paul said...

Since the seal of the confession is absolute, I will be practicing sacerdotal discretion about things I "overhear" in comments threads, but that has nothing to do with Lent.

All right, I did post at Jake's, but since you insist: I am doing daily reflections on the Office lessons on my blog, though they often drift into political rantlets. Still, I try to share spiritual nourishment and pretty visuals with my fellow blog-pilgrims. I am also going to try to tear myself from the internet long enough to read a few books. Some progress so far, but not enough.

I think I shall join Chompita in giving up sky-diving. That sounds salubrious for my body, soul, and mind.

Matty Boy said...

I gave up giving stuff up. Does that count?

Anonymous said...

I refuse the beard part but other than that, tiny detail, I remain amongst the groupies here at the DP...I can't remember what I gave up but I think I'm giving more of me than is good...but, who knows, it's all really confusing when I'd rather be "pig-sticking" one of The Most Holy Bigots of The Global South or "bear-baiting" PB Vacables of Argentina (sending coded messages "suggesting" there may be a grand opportunity for his "takeover" at Grace Cathedral) thing is certain and that is that I'm not giving IN for LENT (they think we're all off guard you know, those are some humdinging dippers)...ah, well, maybe I'll just give up Paranoia and call it a day.

Winterholder Gomez Estrada Stein

pig-sticking, bear-baiting

Anonymous said...

Pig-sticking, bear-baiting, tail biting, prune whipping and face licking!

Fido Gonzalez Castillo

FranIAm said...

Well well well. I have not posted anything at Fr. Jake's because despite mixing it up with a bunch of you 'piscopalian types, I do not visit each and everyone of you.(and you do realize that you good sir are the root cause of my Episcopalian blogging, don't you?)

Anyway I have given up trying to be right and I have also tried to give up obsessive worrying. Doing better on the first -which is good for those around me. Not so much on the seocn -which is not so good for me.

Plus I am writing a whole series of posts at my church blog about metanoia... which is some lameass way of intellectualizing the changes I might be making if I weren't writing about them.

As for this post- I am loving the beards on all who sport them. And any view of Bunrab makes my heart flutter. Which should say a lot about me but none of it good.

Frankly I think Matty has the right idea.

Kirstin said...

Taking walks, and praying more.

Love the beards, LOL.

Mary Clara said...

Well, the Dance Party gang have a lot of good ideas for their Lenten disciplines. I thought about giving up plucking my chin hairs, but that would not be kind to people around me, so I won't be doing anything in the whiskers category. I think I am more in tune with Bunrab's approach: I am giving up putting myself in the path of people who want to chew me up and spit me out.

Great beards, esp. on El Padre, who looks so dark, so dangerous ... a whole movie script could be written around this foto.

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