Saturday, February 23, 2008

Las Hermanas Dickens

Every Friday, the Dickens Sisters, Monique and Génesis Tamara, visit me while their mother Darla folds bulletins. I keep some toys in my office and Monique comes and asks for them. Everybody in the office coos and makes a fuss over Génesis, of course, which seems to make Monique throw blocks across the room. As I told Darla, "even bad attention is attention!" Here are some photos of Las Bonitas Hermanas Dickens.

Génesis Tamara in flight

Monique shows Padre her purse, kinda. She likes to smile after the photo has been snapped. Three attempts and no smile for the camera. Kids!


Anonymous said...

Monique and Génesis you are lovely, both, with or without full smiles...coy or not, you're wonderful!

Throwing blocks (my choice would be cement) is normal.

Love to all,

The Ghost of Amy Semple McPherson

johnieb said...

You may pass on to Monique that she's cuter, IMRVHO.

I doubt Genesis cares yet.

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