Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Catching Up

I need to catch up with some posts, and the Lovely Mona has been sitting on some photos from the Girl's Home, but she's so busy with her studies that she hasn't had a chance to post them. i'm sure she'll do so soon.

Sunday was the Second Sunday of Lent, but it was also Mr. Alberto Barrow's birthday. His children and grandchildren all were there and we had a Festive Coffee Hour after the 7:30 am service (Well, as you all know, almost EVERY coffee hour at San Cristóbal is festive!), with cake and sandwiches and chicken wings and empanadas and fruit cups; everything you would ever want. Here are photos.

Mr. Albert Barrows

Albert and Marilyn

Mary Callendar

Sybil Bailey

Barbara Smith stylin'!

Folks enjoying breakfast

Mrs. Adica Moore and Mrs. Muriel Doyle

Vacation Bible School started on Monday, but that's my day-off, so I wasn't able to take photos until today. We start at 8:00 am, but most of the kids don't show up until 9:00 am (this is Central America, ya know!). By the time we were done with the opening stuff, another fifteen kids had shown up! We start with singing, praying, and a Bible reading in the church, and then they all head off to their classes. We gather again around noon for more singing and praying.

Here are photos:

The Banner

Left side of the room

Right side of the room

Denzel Arthur accompanies Padre on the drums


Paul said...

Oh, the wonderful faces! Thanks for sharing the love!

Jane R said...

Yay! Pictures!

Happy Birthday to Mr. Barrows!

Saint Pat said...

Cool! and Happy Birthday to Mr. Barrows from me, too!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Barrows and greetings and warm wishes to Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Doyle too...I always feel as if I'm part of the family at Los Padres house.

Leonardo Ricardo

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