Monday, February 18, 2008

Former President George H.W. Bush Endorses John McCain's Candidacy

Richard Carson/Reuters

Remember what great economic shape that guy in the gray suit left the U.S. in? That's right, we were in one heck of a recession; that's why we voted his butt out of office. Didn't he tell everyone to vote for his idiot son? And how well has that worked out for all of us? And isn't he BFF with the Saudis? The guys who threatened the British if they didn't stop their investigations of corruption in the banking system there? So, tell me: Why should anyone listen to this guy? Why should anyone listen to ANYONE named Bush?

Just sayin'


David Austin Allen said...

Padrecito, BFF?

Padre Mickey said...

Best Friend Forever

Grandmère Mimi said...

So, tell me: Why should anyone listen to this guy? Why should anyone listen to ANYONE named Bush?

Why, indeed!

David, BFF is a computer chat room acronym for "best friend forever".

Anonymous said...

I didn't know BFF either...thanks David Austin Allen for getting to the bottom of this...I had horrid words made up in my mind for this supreme dork of a man..."where was George" indeed, don't forget the murderous cutthroat knew nothing about certain Central American murderous activities...sure, and he was formerly head of the CIA? What becomes of people like this as they continue on with their pretending? Oh, he has a son who is 3000000 times more disgusting and immoral than the father.

I wish old gray suit wasn't a's somehow very tacky to have him and the Majorca Pearl lady in our Church...even if it is the Diocese of Texas/+Whimberly which apparently takes The Episcopal Church WELCOMES everyone very seriously and is willing to prove it.

Gordon Nickletoes Martinez

FranIAm said...

Sorry if I am unseemly but the only bush I can trust is my own.

(yes we all know i am not that clever, some bumpersticker writer is...)

Paul said...

No one should ever trust anyone in or related to the Bush-Walker clan. The world has suffered and the United States should deeply regret that anyone ever did. I thank Molly Ivins for warning us, though not enough listened. Horrid, evil people with a veneer (W excepted) of propriety.

MikeF said...

Hey, I'm not going to stop listening to Kate Bush, Padre! Sorry, but can you expect me to live without 'Pull out the Pin'? Come to think of it, maybe George should have a listen to that one again?

johnieb said...

Paul is spot on with his characterization of the Bush-Walker gang: openly pirates for four generations.


you are not unseemly, but delightful, even if it is a quote.

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