Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Heh heh heh heh

Also, I guess I'm a bad person, but, frankly, I don't give a good GD whether sports stars take steroids, 'cuz i don't follow sports. I DO care that no one is investigating the crimes of the Bush administration. I can go either way with Hillary and Obama; the one who will get my vote is the one who promises to investigate the crimes of the Bush administration, especially the one who promises to lock up Cheney and Bush.


Anonymous said...

Padre, YOU just got my vote too!

Elvis Alverez Quintus

johnieb said...

Now there's a criterion that'll swing my vote!

Oops: already did that.

Matty Boy said...

What the Padre said. If the president can break the law whenever he or she damn feels like it, all this claptrap about living in a free country ain't worth crap.

Paul said...

Tienes razón, Padrecito. ¡Ojalá que los veamos en cárcel pronto!

susan s. said...

I guess I agree with Paul! I usually do when he writes in English. ;-)

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