Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Additions to the Blogroll

Wow, I have been very negligent about maintaining the Dance Party Blogroll. Since I'm not feeling particularly clever today, let's point you all towards some blogs worth reading! Some of you are already familiar with some of these folks, 'cuz yer so dang kewl, but I'm pushing these anyhoo.

I presided at the wedding of Stephen Rockwell and Julissa Pinto de Gracia a few weeks ago, and Stephen has a blog at: CrossLeft. It's a fine, Progressive Christian site.

Father Harry Allagree has a fine blog at The Good Heart. He writes about the saints, too, and his post on St. John Chrysostom is almost as long as the one I wrote. Check out his post today: St. Thomas Aquinas - Patron of Nerds?

Megan's blog, WC FIELDS has some great photos of lil' baby goats, probably the cutest lil' baby mammals around, next to lil' baby piggies. Megan was a child in Panama back before my time, but I know her sister Mary and her brother Butch, so she's part of the familia extendida.

Dance Party regular Fred Schwartz, keeper of the flame for '60's rock, is involved with several Central Valley blogs: Real Anglicans and The Grapevine.

Stephen Kimball has a super-cool music blog Dynamic Meter, featuring interviews and lotsa music reviews, and his taste is great!

Of course, EVERYONE reads Father Christian Troll at GAFCON, but I figure if I add him to the blogroll I may actually get into heaven.

Now, I thought that I had already added The Lovely Wife, and am shocked, shocked, I tell you, to see that I had dropped the ball in that area. This is a great blog, written from the perspective of a clergy spouse. To be clear, she is not my Lovely Wife, the Lovely Mona, but the Lovely Wife of Rev. Ref+, football-crazy priest in the Montana Wilds and Creator of Fine Pancakes.

Episcogranny is a grandmother of three and a proud follower of the Episcopal tradition. Her blog is a great read, too.

Reverenda Emily is a priest in Oklahoma and writes a great blog, Hazelnut Reflections. She's big on the knitting and yarn 'n stuff. Her husband, David, is a friend and former classmate and was a participant in the Panama Project at the same time as was I. He was the Good One to Sean and my Bad Ones.

Presbyterian Gal is a Presbyterian Gal and a great writer. It's a fun fun fun blog.

I've been reading Ruth's Visions and Revisions for a while now, and I'm embarrassed that I haven't added her yet. She hangs around here, which makes my negligence even worse! Me culpa, me culpa, me gran culpa. She gots a super-cute doggy, too. Go see Smokey chase stuff.

I don't know why I never added Friends of Jake. I mean, good grief, I'm on the team there! I'm a bad boy.

Counterlight's Peculiars is super-cool and groovy, just like Counterlight.

Padre Robert of Musings of an Episcopal Padre is way up north where the cold winds blow and keeps things in perspective. He is a much nicer person than I, so I read his stuff for self-improvement purposes.

I don't know how we managed to leave off the duck noodle gang of Caliban's Dream. That's just wrong in so many ways.

I really enjoy Bill Fleener, Jr.'s blog Est Anima Legis (The Spirit of the Law). and I think everyone should read it.

I think that's enough for now. Don't forget to buy your Gallito Mescalito Ceramic Travel Mugs and Crocagator Hoodies at the Dance Party Store of Love!


Robert said...

Thanks for your very kind mention Padre Mickey. I can't believe you are not as nice as me. That or I have you very much fooled with my own personal level of niceness!

Our Farm: Keith and Megan said...

Hey Padre,

I feel honor that you mention my blog to all your readers - very nice - I'm trying to come up with something clever to say, but the brain isn't working so I'll end with - gracias

The Rev. Dr. Christian Troll said...

My dear Son - thank you: I am truly touched. I know for a fact that the Pearly Gates now spring open at the merest mention of your name, and God's doormen have all been instructed in no uncertain terms that your name most certainly is on the list.

Might I also say how much I miss Bunrab, and wish he were still with us. After all, it's not as if he was a curate or anything...

I See You!

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