Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Last Week's Activities: Lunes, 12 de Enero

Monday was the day of The Rally! The Yoots go around to different stations and perform somewhat physically strenuous yet fun team-building exercises. The Lovely Mona, Señorita Chompita Wiggletail, and Padre followed the kids around and took photos as they competed. The theme for the day was Fuego: Símbolo de Dios (Fire: Symbol of God) and we learned the joys of pyromania about the metaphor of fire, especially in the story of Moses. In the evening they had a Cineforum, in which they watched some inspirational film and discussed its Moral.

Here are photos of the Rally.

Hanging around, waiting for instructions

The Campamento Team

Instructions are given

Log Thang
I thought they were going to do log-rolling, but they were to assemble in an order (oldest to youngest, or by grade) without speaking, and were to try to avoid falling off the log.

Everybody sing! Somos Leñadores y estmos bién; ¡dormimos todo la noche y trabajamos todo el día! (Yeah, you know this song!)

Chompy sez, "Meh."

Triangle String Thang
The team stood within the confines of a triangle and had to lift members over the top. Since it would be impossible to lift everyone out, they only had to move three people.

Enrique goes over the top

Michelle goes over the top

Chompy sez, "Harnk!"

Tarzan Thang
I didn't really pay attention to the rules. I think they had to grape-vine it to the other side and let go. Not everyone was successful. It reminds me of a joke: Q. What were Tarzan's last words? A. Who greased the grape-viiiiiiiiiiiine?

Chompy sez, "¿Cómo?"

Tire Thang
I bet they wouldn't let you do this in your wimpy, litigious-crazy parented Church Camps in los estados unidos! It looked uncomfortable and a little too dirty for THIS (Padre) OCD sufferer, but the kids liked it.

Chompy sez, "Comfy?"

Spider Web Thang
All the members of the team had to get through the spider web without touching any string. If anyone touched a string, everyone had to start all over again. It was very difficult, but fun to watch!

Sinilda going in

Success! Everybody's in!

Chompy sez, "Harumph!"

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