Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back at the Hogar de Niñas

I just started going back to the Hogar after almost a half a year off. I took a summer school class last year on Monday mornings and stopped going due to the time conflict and then because of the stress of my final semester. But I was happy to get back. I realized how much I missed the girls when I spent the week with three of them at camp.

Several girls wanted to work with me, but I knew most of them wanted the books that I bring, so I loaned them out. I worked with Mari (I think that's her name), Carla and then Rosa Mari. I don't have a picture of Rosa Mari, but hopefully next time I'll get one.

The first picture is Sinhilda, who when we where at camp together asked me why I ate only salads and fruit. The simple answer was that I was vegetarian. That satisfied her her curiosity for the time being.

Mari and Enibeth

Carla, Sinhilda, and Estefani


Padre Mickey said...

YAY! The Lovely Mona is posting again!

Lindy said...

Those are gorgeous children. Thanks Padre Mickey.

Padre Mickey said...

Actually, if should be "Thanks, Lovely Mona," cuz this is her post.

But thanks, Lindy!

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