Monday, January 26, 2009


Friday was the last day of camp. Padre Nelson presided and I was the musician for a Eucharist in the chapel. After the Mass, awards were given for various thangs. The girls' cabin won the award for Cleanest Cabin. Everyday either Padre Nelson or I would go through and do Cabin inspection, giving points for neatness 'n' stuff. The Camper of the Year (for the second year in a row!) was Najale! But, glory is fleeting; when the kids were all at the beach, Najale was stung by a fish the medics called pez congo. It left a barbed spine in her foot, and Padre Nelson and Mariela (the camp nurse) had to take her to Rio Hato to the Clínica. They were all back for lunch, and all the kids doted on Najale so that she was okay by the time the left for home.

The bus arrived about 2:00 pm with the young ones. They immediately formed a "fire brigade" line to unload the bus. Then the big kids got on and went home. Saturday morning, the Lovely Mona and I came to chapel with the kids to help Revernda Carmen Sáez and then we were off to Coronado for the wedding of Julissa Pinto de Gracia y Stephen Rockwell. I've never presided at a beach wedding, and outside of it being held at 6:00 pm, which means it got dark quite quickly, it was a good experience. We attended the big honkin' reception afterwards and then finally returned to Santa Clara to the cabin and a Chompy who was very interested in a walk. Sunday morning we headed back to Panamá City and our regular lives.




Najale, the Camper of the Year!


San Cristóbal Bunch

Waiting for the bus

The Kiddles Arrive


The Lovely Mona's Girls from Hogar de Niñas de Capitál

St. Christopher Girls


Revda. Carmen Sáez

Pinto de Gracia - Rockwell Wedding

Padre and Groom

The Guys

Here Comes The Bride

Daah-dah duh-dah-dah-dah-dah dum-de-de-dum-diddly-dum!


Lindy said...

Great photos Padre Mickey. I think it's great that Chompy gets to go with you.

Julissa said...

Padre Mickey, we can't thank you enough for such a beautiful wedding service. Having Lovely Mona helping as well was very nice. Muchas gracias de todo corazon!

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