Thursday, January 01, 2009

Christmas Tales Of Padre's Family: Rashomon Kurisumasu: The Flaming Pudding Toss.

For those of you coming late to the party, Part I and Part II.

Today's version of the Flaming Pudding Toss is told by Tara Mobley, daughter of Padre and the Lovely Mona, and mother of Miss Bebè, the World's Most Beautiful Granchile™

When I was a little kid, what seemed like all of Dad's side of the family lived somewhere near San Jose. So we would have these parties all throughout the Christmas Holiday season, and I'd get to see all these aunts and uncles and cousins. Well, one year at one of these many fabulous family get-togethers, someone had made some sort of traditional English pudding with a lot of brandy or something like that on it for the spectacle of setting it on fire.

I'm sitting on the floor, because I mostly was on the floor those days, and they bring this flaming thing on a plate out of the kitchen with everyone saying "ooh" and "ahh" at how pretty the pudding is. Now, I didn't know how much alcohol is supposed to go on one of those things, in fact I don't think I quite knew why it was on fire at all, but the flames must have been too big. The lady carrying the pudding dropped it, and off it goes skidding across the floor on the plate. It was still on fire.

So now we have this pudding, which was supposed to be this thing of beauty, on the floor burning away, threatening to catch anything that goes near it on fire. There's screaming and staring. I think it got kicked around the room a bit. And then, finally, *punt*. Someone kicks the pudding back into the kitchen to be extinguished.

This just goes to show that some very odd things happened around me as a kid.

Here endeth Rashomon Kurisumasu. Happy New Year to you and yours


Grandmère Mimi said...

Tara, that is hilarious! What can you expect with a daddy like Mickey? I see that he comes from a long line of them.

It's still Christmas, so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Kirkepiscatoid said...

Now I know why the Gospels don't agree. Three people can't even get a flaming dessert story straight!

Little Eddie wanted his sweet Chompita to know she is safe from fiery puddings. "I would stand between the fwaming pudding and my sweetie and BARK at da pudding and pwotect her!"

Cany said...

Flaming pudding soccer. Mmm. Think you have a possible new Christmas sport there:)

Happy New Year, everyone!

Matty Boy said...

Because of richness of detail, I'm going to go with The Lovely Mona as the Synoptic Gospel on this one.

it's margaret said...

Yeah --Lovely Mona is the Synoptic, and Padre is the John one..... or something like that!

Still want to know the recipe please!

Paul said...

I think Matty Boy and Margaret have pinned it down. In any case, a truly memorable event and a story worth sharing. I was telling about it at dinner last night where we had plum pudding (but it was not flamed). The brandy went into the hard sauce. Yum!

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