Thursday, January 22, 2009

¡Campamento! Day 5 (That other title wasn't working, was it?)

Early in the morning on Wednesday, we all wandered down the road in the dark to Playa Santa Clara, where we held Oración Matutina on the beach and watched the sunrise. Unfortunately, it was a cloudy morning, so we didn't get the spectacular sunrises we usually get this time of year (it's dry season; the sky should be cloudless! Dang Global Warming Climate Change!!!). Padre Nelson led Morning Prayer and Padre Mickey played the guitar. Once chapel was finished, the campers went into the water. We eventually went back up to the camp for breakfast. The kids got to go to the beach twice that day!

The theme for the day was La Verdadera Fe (The True Faith), which is an interesting topic, you betcha! In the bible studies we looked at the story of Nicodemus visiting Jesus at night, the story of Jesus washing the feet of the disciples, and what St. James had to say about faith without works.

Just before evening Chapel and dinner, the different groups performed little skits and songs and showed art on their understanding of la verdadera fe. After dinner they had a video forum, which I missed as I was tired from getting up so dang early. Plus I'm old and don't stay up late anymore.


Morning Prayer On The Beach

Boy, you can tell I got dressed in the dark!


Dennis reading scripture

A little brighter

Brighter still

Sun's up!

Bible Study Time

Artsy Time!

Robert 'splains the artwork. The talcum powder around the throat is for a skit and is something the tough guys do. I don't understand it so don't ask me.

The audience

Christian Hip Hop by Group 2!

Scenes from a skit: evangelizing wayward yoots

Padre Nelson in the skit. Note Marlon's talcumed throat, and that of the young wimmin's


susan s. said...

What is the talcum for, Padre?

Leonardo Ricardo said...

I love going on outing with you...I always feel like I´m right there (trying to keep quiet).

Thanks again,

Leonardo Hussein Obama-Feinstein

susan s. said...

Obviously I do not read well! Or thoroughly! Nevermind about the talcum powder. I was just home from Chicago when I asked the question.

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