Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Favorite Tree In The Whole World!

I was born in Northern California, and I loves me dem sequoias and red woods. I lived in Okinawa for most of my childhood and I loves me dem cherry trees, especially in the Spring when sakura bloom. But my favorite tree lives alongside the Pan-American Highway here in Panama. I first saw this tree when I was here with the Panama Project in 1998. I was staying in Santiago de Veraguas with Padre Simón Alvarado and his wife, Sandra. Padre Simón was suffering from a herniated disc, and we traveled between Santiago and Panamá and back several times. I was always amazed by this tree.

It's Dry Season, or Verano here in Panamá, so the tree has shed its leaves until the rains return.

The Lovely Mona took these photos of the tree on our way back from Campamento in Santa Clara, so now I can share my favorite tree with you. It's like we're sneaking up on the tree!

Closer. . .

Closer still. . .

Too close!

What is your favorite tree, or do you even have a favorite tree?


motheramelia said...

Mine has always been the paper birch. Lots here in Maine. Missed them the years in California.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

My favorite tree is the white oak that stands in my parents' yard. It's more than a century old.

My second favorite tree is an elm in the town where we used to live. Somehow it has survived the ravages of Dutch Elm disease.

Tia Sue said...

My favorite tree currently is the same species as this and also in Panama. This tree is called Cuipo and has fantastic wind distributed seeds only every other year! Check it out on Google Images.

JCF said...

Soy tambien de Northern California.

My favorite tree is not the noble Redwood (of either Pacific or Giant Sequoia varieties), but the (comparatively) lowly Sugar Pine (populating the upper foothills of the Sierra Nevada).

The Sugar Pine is chiefly known for one thing: it's giant (long) pine cones. The tree itself has a somewhat spindly, asymetrical look . . . but at the end its parallel-to-the-ground limbs, is one of those BIG cones!

The tree really looks like, for all the world, it's saying: "Here: have a cone!"

It's just a really friendly tree. :-)

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