Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Catching Up. . .

I don't know about you all, but I loves me the stuff. It's time to catch up with one of my favorite sites!

I agree!

Hmmm, that sounds like an accurate description of the Dance Party. . .

All this time I've been shopping at the wrong place. . .


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dope Super Market is for Dope´ misunderstood the instructions, you must continue to shop at Smart´s!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

By the look of your clustermap...The Venables groupie (deep down in the Province of Conealone) ought shop at Dopes...or are there about the same number of Anglicans in Bolivia as there are priests named Frank Lyons in the Guia Telefonica?

It´s so hard to sort this stuff out...even with visual aids.

Why didn´t Big Petey come to the Prayer Service at The Washington Cathedral? Pity, so near and yet so far.

Fred Schwartz said...

Top Ten For Catching Up:

1. Rock Around the Clock Bill Haley and the Comets
2. Baby You Can Drive My Car the Beatles
3. American Pie Don McClean
4. Air and Simple Gifts arr. John Williams
5. Route 66 The Rolling Stones
6. Love Child The Supremes
7. I'm A Man Yardbirds
8. For What it's Worth Buffalo Springfield
9. City of New Orleans Arlo Guthrie
10. I'll Never Smoke Weed Witn Willie Toby Kieth
bonus track: Thriller Michael Jackson

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