Monday, January 05, 2009


Posting has been a bit slow as the rest of my life has been at full speed. Like today: it's my day-off, but I assisted the Bishop with his cousin's funeral, and then worked on Bible Studies for camp, and THEN had a three-hour rehearsal with the Youts of da Parish in preparation for tomorrow night's Epiphany Pageant. Padre Cáceres is off with the students from Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal as they spend several weeks in the Interiór doing their Servicio Social, so I was by my self at the 10:30 Misa en español (I was priest and musician, as Bernie takes January off). Tomorrow is The Big Show. Wednesday, after the Healing Mass, the Lovely Mona and I will be off to Isla Barro Colorado do disperse Elizabeth Leigh's ashes. Thursday is the regular Vestry Meeting and a big one as it is in preparation for the Annual Parish Meeting on Jan. 25th. Friday I meet with a couple who will be marrying next week. Friday I'm taking the services at San Simón in Gamboa, Sunday is The Usual Thing, except the the Lovely Mona and Chompita and I head off for a week of Campamento after the Misa a las 10:30. I'll officiate at a wedding on Saturday, Jan. 17 in Coronado, and we'll all head home on the 18th, as I start planning the services for Diocesan Convention.
So, blogging may be a bit slow at times. Your mileage may vary.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Well, I think you´re a didn´t even, modest as usual, mention your extensive duties advising the California Supreme Court justices...speaking of mileage just wait until you´re called upon in Virginia as well!

Blessings to you, the Lovely and Chompita, you ALL are adored and set high standards for REAL loving behavior (both in and ouside of Church)!

Jane R said...

Lawsy, Padre, you is busy! God bless you and all the folks you are serving. Let me add my voice to Leonardo's to remind you that your pals are cheering and praying for you. Go get 'em and alleluia. Happy Epiphany.

Cany said...

You know, good Padre, you really need to get a life...:)

susan s. said...

Definitely busy! Blessings and love to you and Mona. I will read every once in a while!

I will be leaving here on the 15th to see Fr. Dave(my boy!) be instituted(on the 17th) as Rector at St. Peter's, Sycamore, IL in the Diocese of Chicago. He's been there since July 07 and they voted him in in November. I'se excited! Da Bishop will be there, and Robbin is going too. She will preach there on Sunday the 18th!

Ain't it wonderful to be workin' for the Lord?

Paul said...

Hooray for Fr. Dave, Susan S.

Señor, ¡ten piedad del padrecito Miguelito!

An' it's so hard to hibernate in dem tropix!

I See You!

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