Friday, January 09, 2009

Friday Random Top Ten

Not much of this kind of dancing with this list

Ya pushes "shuffle" and ya takes yer chances. . .

1. The Tourist Radiohead
2. I Think I'm Go Go Squeeze
3. Celui En Qui/La Bele Estoile/La Bele, En Qui/IOHANNE (Mo.20) Anonymous 4
4. Call It Off The Wonders Of Science
5. Sexy Sadie The Beatles
6. Stalin Malone Elvis Costello
7. WreckingBall Neil Young
8. Gonna Die More Roky Erickson
9. Somebody To Love ¡¡RAMONES!!
10. Telsa Girls Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark

Lessee. . . we gots da Radiohaids, who I loves, 'specially dat O.K. COMPUTER thang, den sum good ol' Squeeze, den sum old-timey girly singin' fum da 13th century, always good, ya know, den Matty Boy and Padre Mickey singin' a lovely pop song about chemically induced suicide, followed by the Beatles 'plainin' 'bout de ol' Maharishi. Elvis singin' 'bout sum guy, Neil Young singin' bout sum bar, Crazy Roky singin' bout sum dyin', RAMONES singin' bout sumbudy a luv, endin' wit dem OMDs singin' bout Tesla Gurls (gee, in which decade was THAT VIDEO MADE?). Not a drop of They Might Be Giants or Tom Waits who tend to appear quite a bit on these lists. All in all, quite satisfyin'.

Please to be placin' yer lists in da comments.
Tank you


Fred Schwartz said...

Love to help on this one but can't touch it. Wilma is a huge Neil Young type and ya's gotch one.
OT: I used to see Niel Young in Hollywood when he was playing with Buffalo Springfield.

Matty Boy said...

I'm reading Nick Hornby, and believes there is a personality to the random shuffle on his iPod.

The truth is out there.

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