Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Last Week's Activities: Martes, 13 de Enero

Tuesday was the fourth day of camp, and we were all deep into that campamento flow. The theme for the day was Actitudes Cristianas. At morning chapel Padre Nelson and I set-up the theme and gave the campers some things to think about during the day. I talked about how in the days of the early church a pagan observer had said "Oh, how the Christians love each other!" but it didn't take long before different Christian communities and different bishops were fighting with each other. So fighting with fellow Christians was a traditional Christian attitude, hahahahaha. Perhaps fighting with fellow Christians is a Christian attitude, but it isn't one of the attitudes of Jesus! At evening chapel we discussed Christian Attitudes. I tossed out different attitudes and we discussed whether they were Christian or not. We had a great conversation. In the afternoon they had one honkin' game of Capture the Flag. or, as we call it here, Atrapa la Bandera. I forget what we did in the later evening.

Waiting for breakfast. To get into the Dining Hall once must answer a question, usually about the Bible. Sometimes they have to give a Bible verse.

Chompy hanging out in the chapel. She would come out and look at the kids when they were singing.

Padre talking about Actitudes Cristianas

I don't think they're buying what I'm selling

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