Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Democratic National Convention

Photo: Damon Winter/NYT

The Lovely Mona and I listened to some of the Democratic National Convention last night. We listened to Ted Kennedy's speech and were inspired by him. Then I wandered about the internet, trying to find a video feed so that we could watch Michelle Obama give her speech. We tried to watch things on the CNN site, but it kept cutting out. These are the moments when I wonder if I should have made the choice for Cable T.V. (we can't afford Cable AND High Speed Internet, so we went with the internet. I still stand by the decision). We listened to Ted Kennedy on the Air America feed, which was okay, except that those Air America people, especially David Bender and Mark Green, won't STFU. They are really in love with their own voices! Blah blah blah over everything besides Ted Kennedy. The CNN feed was showing Michelle Obama's brother and the film, but we couldn't hear it because the CNN feed was inconsistent. But we also couldn't hear it because David Bender and Mark Green were too busy doing the blah-blah. We finally switched to KQED-FM, our home-town NPR station. That was great. The CNN feed still sucked and the video was intermittent, but at least NPR let us listen to the speech. And, of course, we loved Michelle. Dang, won't it be great to have articulate, sane, rational people who can string sentences together in the White House?

So we're gonna try again tonight, 'cuz we wantsta see Hillary. I heard some woman on the radio today who claimed to be a Democrat who supported Hillary and she's still angry about the primaries, so she's voting for John McCain. How can one be a Democrat (or a democrat, for that matter!) and vote for John McCain? Does she hate the country so much that we all must be punished because the person she wants for president isn't a candidate? I haven't heard of any Dennis Kucinich supporters pouting in the corner, promising to vote for John McCain, or even Bob Barr. How can someone who believes strongly in women's rights (I assume that a Hillary Clinton supporter believes in women's rights) support John McCain, a man who calls his wife "trollup" and "c**t" IN FRONT OF THE (docile) PRESS? It's time to get over it and support the Party for the good of the nation!!!

Remember, a vote for John McCain is a vote for a continuation of constant war, constant corruption, and the continuing dive into poverty for the rest of us. Oh, and David Bender and Mark Green: STFU and let us listen to the speeches!

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FranIAm said...

Oh - the Kennedy speech. I sat there and wept and wept. I am sorry that you had to listen to the chitter chatter.

I hope that you have seen it on the tubes now along with the Burns film.

This is a great post about it if you wish to have a look.

Ignore Mr Slappz who is there harrassing my girl. He is like that.

BTW - I got a NEW troll today (fresh from OCICBW no less) and now have no anonymous comments and a newly blocked IP.

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