Saturday, August 23, 2008

He Was Biden His Time. . .

. . .but he finally made his choice.
If you want a good laugh, read the comments over at Titus 1:9. As if those people were going to vote for a Democrat!

Do you think McCain will pick Mitt Romney? Would that be cool or what? Two stinkin' rich White Guys telling everyone how Obama and Biden are elitists! Hilarity ensues!!

Don't forget!

Hey! Have you seen this? Just how friggin' stupid must one be to serve as a Republican shill? As Matty Boy and the Lovely Mona can tell you, I've never had much respect for the electorate of the U.S.A. But I hope and I pray that the past seven years have convinced them that the Republican Party hates the U.S.A. and its constitution and everything our Founding Fathers believed in. Let's destroy their party and keep them from holding any office above Dog Catcher for the next fifty years. I'm counting on you, estadoünidense!

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Jane R said...

Padre Miguel, could you please please go talk some sense into friend LutherPunk and his crowd? Have a look. Some of thems is even thinkin of not votin. It makes me weep. You are a better persuader than I. Pay them a visit. LutherPunk is a good guy. But OY!

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