Friday, August 08, 2008

Revda. Carol Luther in Alaska

photo of St. Luke's, Shageluk, nicked from Carol's blog

My dear friend and colleague and former classmate, Revda. Carol Luther, of the Diocese of California, is in Alaska having incredible experiences. Check out her posts at her blog God’s Sled Dog. Check out her photos and read her posts. She is in a diocese of TEC, but she just as well could be here in the Developing World. Padre says "Check it out!"


Robert said...

Have been to St. Luke's doing services myself, I can tell you she is in the third world. The homes there do not have bathrooms (welcome to the world of the outhouse!). Of course I was there in winter which makes outhouse visits rather chilly!

Rev. Carol said...

Hey Padre Amigo,
I was going to write and tell you I was coming up here and the time escaped me. But you found it! Robert's right about Shageluk, but I have hot and cold running water here. I've also come to understand, embrace and love God's preferential option for the poor. What a summer!

Jane R said...

What a wonderful blog! Thanks.

FranIAm said...

I love her blog! Thanks Mickey!

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